June 2011

More Papier-mâché Animal Heads for Your Decorating Pleasure Thumbnail

I can’t imagine I’d ever want to have real animal parts hanging on my walls, but there’s something about these papier-mâché animal heads that’s just…endearing. I could see the bull head in an eclectic girl’s room, and the lion head could work for a boy’s room or a study. Either way, you’ll have a piece [...]

Thermal Curtains Result in a Much Cooler Space Thumbnail

Living on the third floor is taking some getting used to. Aside from the obvious difference — having to walk upstairs — there are some changes I didn’t anticipate. The biggest one? It gets hot up here! We previously lived on a first floor apartment with few windows, so it was relatively cool all the time. [...]

Before & After: Closet Organization Thumbnail

We’re finally all moved in to our new place, and I couldn’t be happier. This apartment is larger with much more useful storage and just generally feels more like home than the other place did — and we’ve only been here a little more than a week. I have so many posts to write about [...]

Time for New Bedding? Graphic Organic Options from West Elm Thumbnail

West Elm never ceases to make my day when they release new organic bedding designs. I admit, I stalk their site for months waiting for new designs to arrive, and I’m like a kid in a candy store when they finally do. With good reason, too. My obsession with chevron patterns is still in full [...]

Bathroom Glam: Gorgeous, FSC-Certified Vanity Thumbnail

At the moment, I’m not a fan of spending a lot of time in the bathroom. At one time, it was one of my favorite places to “get away” from everyone. I could go in there, close the door and be alone. But when your bathrooms are as boring and utilitarian as mine were, equipped [...]