Take the pLEDge and Switch to LED Bulbs Thumbnail

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by GE Lighting. As usual, all opinions are accurate and fully my own. I may or may not be that mom. You know what I mean. The one who walks into rooms to turn the lights off and open the windows during the daytime, and constantly reminds everyone to turn [...]

Why Are Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels So Valuable? Thumbnail

We spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve our homes — both for ourselves and to improve resale value. In fact, every decision we make when it comes to home renovation, whether it's paint color or the details of a large-scale remodel, will have an effect on the overall value of our [...]

Ignoring your A/C Will Cost You in Money & Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Air conditioning systems, like other mechanical devices, will develop wear and tear with usage and age. It would be a grave mistake to ignore those expected minor issues surfacing in your air conditioning system or to avoid scheduling regular servicing and maintenance. Look for Heating and Cooling Experts who are certified technicians who have an [...]

Building an Eco-Friendly Boat Thumbnail

Boating is one hobby that has a high degree of connection to the environment. Those who like to be out on the open water are keenly aware of the importance of keeping that water clean and safe. So it's a natural fit for boat builders to do what they can to make their products as [...]

Pets Can Sleep Green Too: Essentia’s Kingston Dog Bed Thumbnail

When most of us think about green sleep, we are thinking about the human members of our families. We want to make sure that we, and our loved ones, will be able to rest without worry about what we're sleeping on and how it could be affecting our bodies. With our pets, however, it's typically [...]