How to Pick the Best Stand-Alone Tub Thumbnail

Installing a classy soaking bathtub in your bathroom can turn it into a relaxing retreat — a place where you can go whenever you are tired and need some silent alone time, while soaked in warm, soothing water. Buying a stand alone tub is a great way to add a classic touch to your modern bathroom, and [...]

Three Ways to Make Your Bedroom Greener Thumbnail

Many of us have made changes to make our lives greener. We use reusable shopping bags, avoid bottled water, turn off the lights when we leave the room, and maybe even shop secondhand to save the planet (and our pockets). But in some rooms, we have to be more thoughtful about the changes we make. [...]

Amp Up Your Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Are you spending too much on energy bills each month? Maybe you’re simply looking for a means to reduce your carbon footprint. In either case, the expense of electricity, heat and running water can easily get out of hand, particularly as the season changes. Depending on your household budget, there are a variety of investments you [...]

Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Home Thumbnail

Decorating your space can make for a fantastic experience. Sadly, it's pretty easy for this good time to turn into a nightmare. This usually happens due to a lack of planning for a home’s particular needs. If you want to make sure that you can update the appearance of your home without a series of [...]

How do you Prepare Your Home for Fall? Thumbnail

Summer in Georgia this year has been brutal. OK. If I'm honest, every summer in Georgia is brutal. Stepping outside can feel a lot like sticking your head in the oven. As such, my family has spent most of the past few months indoors with the air-conditioner running at full blast. The folks at [...]