How to Get Out of a Decorating Rut Thumbnail

My family and I have been living in our "new" house for more than a year. Want to know how much decorating I've done? Pretty much none. I know. I can't believe it myself. I think I was a bit burned out on decorating after living in a bunch of different apartments over the years [...]

Choosing Curtains for Every Room of Your Home Thumbnail

When decorating a room, it can be so easy to treat curtains like an afterthought. We pick furniture, paint colors and carpets, but choosing the right window treatments can be just as important. But here's the thing: Once you do find curtains that you like, it can be tempting to use them throughout the house. [...]

Four Ideas to Create a Cozier Kitchen Thumbnail

There’s no busier place in the home than the kitchen — especially if you have kids. It’s the place where meals are prepared and shared with loved ones, but it also serves as a central meeting and conversation point for many households. Ideally every room in a home should have a warm feel, but given [...]

Made in the Shade Thumbnail

For most people, Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. My family and I usually spend the weekend celebrating carnival in Atlanta, but this year, we'll have some family over, and with a few little ones in tow, we'll more likely spend that time at home enjoying their company and avoiding the crowds. And [...]

Nursery Dreaming with Walmart Thumbnail

I have to say, one of the most fun parts of having a baby for me was planning the nursery. I had so much fun imagining colors and patterns and how I'd put it all together, particularly because my two girls were sharing a room when baby Juliza first came home from the hospital. The [...]