Made in the Shade Thumbnail

For most people, Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. My family and I usually spend the weekend celebrating carnival in Atlanta, but this year, we'll have some family over, and with a few little ones in tow, we'll more likely spend that time at home enjoying their company and avoiding the crowds. And [...]

Nursery Dreaming with Walmart Thumbnail

I have to say, one of the most fun parts of having a baby for me was planning the nursery. I had so much fun imagining colors and patterns and how I'd put it all together, particularly because my two girls were sharing a room when baby Juliza first came home from the hospital. The [...]

If LED is the Future, the Future is Now Thumbnail

It's amazing to think about how far green technology has come in a few short years. When I started Green Your Decor back in 2008, people were just starting to convert their homes from incandescent light bulbs to the new compact fluorescent options. They weren't always easy to find in stores, but they were worth [...]

Know Asbestos Before Tackling a Green Remodel Thumbnail

Motivated to get our homes on the green end of the spectrum, it's easy to want to dive right into the project. But before you start ripping out paneling and replacing your roof with a company like Precision Roofing, it’s important to be mindful of the deadly substance that could be lurking underneath. We're talking [...]

Aerogarden Review & Update: 19 Days Later Thumbnail

So...a few weeks ago, you may recall my excitement about the Aerogarden 3SL indoor gardening system. You know. That contraption that promised to turn me into a master gardener overnight. OK. That's an over-exaggeration. But the Aerogarden did promise to help me grow herbs, veggies and even flowers right on my kitchen counter, with little effort or [...]