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Well, then. I appears the page you’re trying to find has gone missing. I’ll file a police report and start a search party, but in the meantime, Here are some things to keep you occupied:

Learn About Me.

I love all things that are gorgeous, and I love them even more if they’re green. Which is why I started this site in the first place. Learn more

Looking for DIY Ideas?

I like sharing those too, and occasionally, I make something that I think is pretty awesome, like this homemade peacock costume for my daughter that a ton of people seem to like. Want more? Click here!

Check Out My Other Blog.

After I started this blog, I realized I wanted to write about more than just green decorating. That has been especially true during the last 2 years or so. So I also write over at Green & Gorgeous, lifestyle blog where I share my love of fashion, thrifting, crafts and beautiful things that are not for the home — sometimes with a green slant, and sometimes not. Learn more

Buy a Fly T-shirt.

My husband and I started Differently Clothing in 2010, and we’re still going strong. We make organic cotton t-shirts featuring socially conscious messages: “Eat Local,” anyone? We also have a great collection of natural hair and self love messages. Shop Now

Check Out My Graphic Design Work.

I’m a graphic designer by trade and designed this website and all the ones mentioned above. Check out my work at Hibiscus Creative just for kicks and giggles or if you’re interested in hiring me. See My Work

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