Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard Shed or Summerhouse Thumbnail

A beautiful timber summerhouse or backyard shed can be as versatile as the people who choose them, and there are myriad ways to use them to fit into your lifestyle. Based on highly scientific analysis (i.e. lots of chatting to people over the years), here are the most popular ways summerhouse customers get the most [...]

Why You Need Weed Control Services Thumbnail

As much as we love our yards, this is about the time of year when we realize there are some things to dislike, too. The chief of these is weeds — our least favorite plants growing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Weeds can be a menace not only for gardeners but for [...]

How Humidity Can Affect Your Home Decor Thumbnail

Most people don’t even think about indoor humidity until it begins to affect their homes and health. Most of us will consider using a humidifier when we’re sick or a dehumidifier for basements, but don’t do much otherwise. Ideally, you should keep the levels of moisture inside your house between 25% and 55%, but when [...]

How to Choose the Best & Greenest Filter for Your Furnace Thumbnail

Most of us are aware of the everyday ways we can make our homes greener. We know that we can recycle and turn off lights when we walk out of a room, keep the thermostat at specific temperatures to reduce energy usage or choose low- or no-VOC paint when we’re giving a room a new [...]

Flooring Types: The Pros and Cons Thumbnail

If you really care about the look of your home, flooring shouldn’t be the afterthought that many of us might consider it to be. In addition to the color, the type of flooring installed in your home helps dictate what type of decor to add around it. For instance, if your flooring is hardwood, you might [...]