5 Best Ways to Conserve Energy Thumbnail

When you’re responsible for paying the energy bills, it becomes important to monitor your energy usage. But in addition to conserving energy as a way to save money on your electricity bill, you might be concerned about conserving energy as a way to help the planet. Every time you make an effort to avoid wasting [...]

Smart Ways to Childproof your Home Thumbnail

Having kids is a milestone that so many of us look forward to and celebrate with gusto. But if you ask most parents, they will tell you that even though it is probably the highlight of their lives, raising those kids is also one of the most challenging jobs in this life. Because feeding them [...]

How to Make Your AC Last Longer Thumbnail

During the hot summer months, air conditioning is a must. Getting the best efficiency out of your air conditioning unit is important to staying comfortable during the hottest part of the year and ensuring you don’t feel sweaty in your own home. Keeping your home’s AC unit running longer and stronger isn’t a tough task [...]

Which Type of Energy is Most Efficient? Thumbnail

One of the biggest ways to shift the sustainability of your entire household is to focus on energy efficiency. Reducing your energy usage saves the Earth AND helps your pockets. But when you’re trying to save money on utilities, it would also help to know which type of energy is the most efficient. The tips [...]

Get Peace of Mind with Boiler Insurance Thumbnail

There are few homeowner problems that are quite as unfortunate as having boiler issues in the winter. Boiler breakdowns can become miserable because of the cold weather. If you can’t fix this boiler on time, that means cold showers and no hot water. If you want to avoid boiler issues, one of the first steps [...]