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  Microplastic has been polluting our oceans for quite some time now. Microplastic pollution is plastic debris less than five millimeters in size. When you think of plastic pollution, you probably envision the ocean. Well, this tiny plastic debris has found its way into our lakes and rivers too. In the past five years, researchers [...]

Why Custom Homes Have More Potential in the Real Estate Market Thumbnail

Yesterday, we talked about why pre-fabricated homes are a good investment. But according to Crowded Barrie, if you’re in the market for a new home, another great option to consider is a custom-made home. When comparing new builds, custom homes are proven to have more value and potential in the real estate market than spec [...]

Advantages of Building  Quality Modular Homes Thumbnail

When the time comes to build a home, or buy one for investment purposes, there are a ton of options to consider. You can choose to purchase an existing home to renovate or update, a new home, or a piece of land to build whatever you choose. If you do the latter, one option for [...]

How To Highlight Your Walls In Every  Room Thumbnail

If you have just moved into a new home or are looking to do some renovations in your existing one, sometimes all you need is paint or perhaps these rainbow wall stickers to make a big difference in your space. It can be easy to overlook this option and focus on furniture and decor. Those [...]

5 Best Ways to Conserve Energy Thumbnail

When you’re responsible for paying the energy bills, it becomes important to monitor your energy usage. But in addition to conserving energy as a way to save money on your electricity bill, you might be concerned about conserving energy as a way to help the planet. Every time you make an effort to avoid wasting [...]