Dreaming of a Modern Bathroom

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I am a renter, and occasionally, I truly begin to lament this fact. Of all the rooms in my home to which I wish I could take a sledgehammer, the bathroom is second only to the kitchen. Not that our bathroom is terrible or anything. It’s just that while it is functional, there’s nothing outstanding about it. Ideally, my bathroom would feel like a spa at a high-end hotel, or at least be a calming, modern space where I could truly unwind and let my hair down.

I’ve been browsing the Modern Bathroom website and swooning over all the possibilities for a contemporary, eco friendly vanity. Here are some of my favorite options:

Natalie Double Bathroom Vanity


Talk about a dream bathroom! This 72″ double bath vanity would more than fulfill all my husband’s and my storage needs and give us each a sink so we wouldn’t have to fight for elbow room when we’re brushing our teeth in the morning. On top of that, it’s made of environmentally friendly oak hardwood, engineered to prevent warping, along with a water-resistant low V.O.C. finish. $1799

Abba Vanity Set


While the realist in me says this probably wouldn’t provide nearly enough storage space, the idealist in me sees two of these babies mounted next to each other on the wall for a sleek, modern look that would make me swoon every time I walked into the room. $999/ea.

Accara Double Bathroom Vanity


I’m love the look of the sinks resting on the dark marble countertop. I envision it paired with slate tile and river rock accents on the shower wall. I’ve already ordered a Fleck water softener so the hard water doesn’t affect my skin, and the bathroom will be complete. See. My mind’s eye is getting excited again. $2649

Every morning when I brush my teeth in front of my basic, builder-grade mirror and rest my toothpaste on the laminate countertop, I’ll close my eyes and wish I had one of these instead. A girl can dream, right?

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  • Avatar Bill Williams April 6, 2013, 3:39 am

    I like the look of the natalie double vanity mirror, but I do wonder if it wouldn’t end up being annoying?

    I mean, with one basin you can always keep it clean. But two ends up being like a cleaning task!

    What if your other half is messy?

    Do you need to clean up their side of the basin every day?

    Sounds like a recipe for arguments to me!

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