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Finishing the Patio with a Beautiful Container

You may remember that my husband and I recently gave our patio a little makeover, mostly to rescue it from the pollen residue spring left behind — not to mention all the junk that had overtaken it during the cold months. Well, the final result was good, but something was still missing:


You see that space in the middle, with the empty planter on the ground? That just wasn’t working for us. It felt…well…empty. So when Walmart offered us the opportunity to plant some flowers with a gorgeous planter from their Better Homes & Gardens collection, I jumped at the chance. I knew it would be just the thing to fill in that space.


Though the planter doesn’t exactly match the color scheme we have going on out there, I still love it because it looks like natural materials. However, it is made from very lightweight manmade materials. Seriously, you’d expect it to be heavy, but my daughter carried it around with no problem. Its also designed not to crack or fade, so it will last for the long haul, even out in the elements.

We headed to Walmart to gather up some flowers and potting soil. We had the idea to use a taller plant in the middle and surround it with a bunch of Better Homes & Gardens flowers in varying colors.


To begin, my husband drilled some drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, as recommended in the instructions that came with it. And if you’re looking, here are some recommendations for the best power drill.


It took two whole bags of soil to fill the pot, but my daughter was finally able to get her hands dirty. Well, more like her gardening gloves, anyway.


Next, she and my husband added four pots of colorful flowers around the central plant. They kept the height pretty low so the flowers will spill over the edge of the pot as they grow.


Finally, my little gardener did her daughterly duty and watered the flowers — which has now become a daily chore.


Now, isn’t the view out there a lot better with this gorgeous container in the center to anchor it all?


We have one more patio project to do after this. It’s hiding behind this door:


More on that tomorrow!

Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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