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Three Wonderfully Green Decor Ideas

With summer upon us, there is no better time to give your home a fresh new look for a new season. And there’s absolutely no reason why your new décor can’t be extra special without putting any undue pressure on the environment.


Here are three great ideas to improve your home with eco-friendliness in mind:

Get a fresh lighting look with LEDs


If you want to give your home a totally fresh, save on the bills and help save the environment, then you may want to look to LED Lights.

A relatively new technology that is constantly advancing and getting cheaper, LEDs last longer, use less electricity and are totally fashionable in 21st century homes. Dimmable LED bulbs available from online retailers such as LED Lighting Depot are a great way of adding a cosy touch to your home.

In fact, if you were to totally revamp your home, or even your garden, with LED lights, you could be looking at savings of roughly £100 a year, which translates to roughly $150. This is based on a house with 25 bulbs, each saving £4/$6.20 a year.

They operate at an efficiency of 80-90%, compared to just 20% for an incandescent bulb, and they are one of the most efficient forms of household lighting ever introduced to the market.

If you want to find out just how much an LED light bulb can offer you, there are various calculators online that can help you figure out which is option is best for you.

Enjoy a glass fire on a summer’s night


If you really want to look after the environment, one of the greatest innovations to sweep through gardens and barbecues is the use of a glass fire.
Though this may sound a little surreal, fireglass crystals are used as an alternative to wood and give off huge amounts of heat when a fire is properly lit.

The glass, however, does not melt, discolour or burn. And the best thing about it is that they give off no carbon dioxide emissions whatsoever.
All you need to do is heat them with a small amount of fire from natural or propane gas and the crystals will give off heat for hours; great if you want your party or get together to go on through the night

Take a walk on bamboo flooring


Finally, when people redecorate their homes, they often pay little attention to the thing on which that they spend a lot of their time – the floor.

The truth is, however, is that picking the right flooring can help protect your investment in your home, but also help protect the environment.

Bamboo grows at a faster rate than any other type of tree used for wooden flooring, which sometimes take decades to mature, and it is quickly replaced with new bamboo trees planted in their place.

Bamboo flooring also will actually increase the dollar value of your home and can increase saleability, as many buyers are looking for homes with green features, and buyers who are looking for traditional hardwood likely would count them as a positive.

You can find bamboo flooring in very nearly as many colors and finishes as traditional hardwood, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a new floor covering.

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