5 Tech Tools to Help You Save on Utility Rates

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When it comes to cutting back on your budget – whether that’s to splurge on the best coolers or just to have some savings for the unexpected – it can be difficult to find meaningful ways to reduce your bigger expenses, like your monthly food bills or your utilities. However, there are a variety of tech tools to help you find easy ways to save on your bills. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Get the Nest Thermostat


The Nest thermostat is a beautiful device, but it’s a smart one too, monitoring your household patterns and energy usage and self-adjusting to smooth out the peaks and valleys in your energy demand. Most users of the Nest report energy savings, and the customer satisfaction rate is very high. It also comes with a variety of online tools to help make energy management a snap. However, you have to choose either diy vs professional home monitoring, which is which?

2. Refresh your lighting

You might not think that light bulbs would make that much of an impact on your household energy usage, but they do. Just think about the number of lights in your home and you’ll see how it could add up in the end. You can start by simply switching out your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, but there are other ways to save with your lighting as well. Philips has been leading the market lately with their ambient lighting options that reduce energy load while improving the quality of light, moving past the days where a room was either too dim or too bight. Your eyes and your energy bill will thank you!

3. Find the best energy deals in your area

There has never been a more competitive environment between energy providers, as many laws have changed since the industry began rapid deregulation around 2002. Consumers shouldn’t wait to receive an offer from a competitive provider. The Internet makes it easy to check out rates in your area. Though you may live in an area with a single provider, you may still find that you can get a deal since many are making groundbreaking changes to their plans, such as Electric Providers Texas. Many companies also provide useful information on their websites to help you reduce your bill.

4. Give your appliances an upgrade

More than 10% of your energy usage comes from your “white goods” appliances: Microwave, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer. However, in most households these appliances contribute up to 50% of excess energy waste, which probably isn’t surprising considering these are likely to be plugged in all the time. Consider an upgrade to EnergyStar appliances that can quickly pay for themselves. Their website provides useful information and a searchable directory of products so you can check your existing appliances and look for replacements that are more energy efficient.

5. Consider adding solar power

You might think that solar power is only an option if you install costly solar panels on your roof. While this is a viable option, it can take years to reap the payback, and it isn’t an option if you are a renter. But technology has come a long way, and you’ll now find lots of solar options available, especially for smaller devices, like phones and tablets. You can find many of them on sites like Houzz or Amazon, and they simply attach to a window and offer a full charge in a couple of hours.

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