Paint DIY Christmas Decor to Match Your Color Scheme

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Each year, my family chooses a new color scheme for our Christmas decor. A few years ago, the main color was orange, then turquoise, then purple. As you can tell, our choices tend to skew non-traditional. Some years, this makes it difficult to find ornaments and other decorations to match our color choice. This year, we have four non-traditional colors to work with, all in this pillow cover from Walmart:


We will be working with turquoise, lime green, pink and orange. Yes. For Christmas.

I love the idea of mixing bright colors that normally wouldn’t be part of a holiday color palette. We do have ornaments in several of these colors because of our decorating in previous years, but we’ll still have to get some more in order to fill out the tree. And this time, Walmart’s Projects Made Simple came to the rescue. (aff)


When I went to Walmart headquarters a little more than a month ago, they gave us some plain wood ornaments and signs waiting to be painted to our liking. The signs read “Peace,” “Love” and “Faith” — perfect for Christmas — and the ornaments double as photo frames. (aff)

I briefly considered painting each ornament and sign in multiple colors, but I decided that I’d prefer the look of solid blocks of color. I picked up some non-toxic craft paint in all my colors and got to work. The ornaments were super simple to paint. I removed the photo backing and plastic cover first, then them, including the edges, for a more finished look.


The signs will eventually live on our mantel, once I decide how to decorate the rest of it and acquire — or make — some stockings in our new color palette. We have a couple, but we’ll definitely need a few more. I love the large-scale words and I’m envisioning they’ll be beautiful up there.

So check out the finished ornaments and signs with the pillow that was our inspiration.


Now we just have to get a Christmas tree so we can put them to use. And at just 97 cents an ornament, given that they each took just a few minutes to paint, I plan to get some more to add to the tree.

What do you think of our color palette? Do you usually decorate in traditional Christmas colors, or do you prefer to be more adventurous?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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