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Nostalgia Coming Right Up: Seltzer Bottle Pendant Lamps

Seltzer Bottle Pendant Lamps

I really have a thing for pendant lighting, and I’d probably use it in every room if I could. It is a create way to illuminate a dark corner, highlight an area or just add something extra special. I think of them like dangly earrings — they are unique, fabulous and attention grabbing.

These Seltzer Bottle Pendant Lamps from Sundance Catalog are a blast from the past. Vintage 1-liter seltzer bottles from the 1930s get a new life as light fixtures. The tin coating gives them a feel that is rustic and quirky without being too kitschy. And I can just picture the effect of light shining through the keyhole cutouts on the sides.

I’m price makes me look in another direction, but I can definitely appreciate the nostalgia. Or rather, people who remember the 30s will appreciate the nostalgia 😉

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of vintage seltzer bottles from the 1930s

Price: $395

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