Homey Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Have you thought about what you’re giving the mom (or moms) on your list? If you’re like most people, it probably involves flowers and a card. Those are great, especially if the flowers are organic, but I typically like to give more personal gifts that reflect moms true interests.


Uncommon Goods does a great job of providing quirky gifts to match any personality. The fact that many of them are sustainable, they all come with a back story, and you can’t find a lot of them anywhere else makes this online retailer one of my favorites for gifting.

So for any type of mom on your list, here are some great gift ideas:

The New Mom


I proudly count myself among this set of special women. I may not be a first-time mom, but at just 3 months old, baby Juliza is still new to this world, and I’d love to receive a gift commemorating that. Give her a special keepsake with all the details about her newest bundle of joy. Just double check to make sure you’ve gotten all the details right, because it would be an expensive mistake to misspell a name or have the time off by a few minutes. The pillows are made of linen and cotton, and the blanket is made of organic cotton. Both are handmade and are sure to be gifts mom will never, ever forget.

Birth Announcement Pillow, $100 | Birth Announcement Blanket, $245 (aff)

The Busy Mom


It’s true. This could refer to basically every mom ever. But there are some moms who are so busy that even the casual observer can’t help but notice and empathize. Give her a gift to at least help the time pass a little more beautifully — with a little nod to her “busy bee” habits. How gorgeous is this handmade clock? This would be perfect in mom’s favorite space.

But here’s another idea: Give her something to help her relax. Any busy mom could use a subtle reminder to slow down and take care of herself. This particular salt soak, packaged in a recycled wine bottle, infuses Atlantic sea salt with the scent of magnolias. Plus, the finished product is vegan and free sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals. Ummm? Yes, please!

Busy Bee Wall Clock: $60  |  Magnolia Salt Soak: $34 (aff)



Many of us think of our moms first on Mother’s Day, but grandmothers are moms too, and most of them are only too proud to show off the grandkids. These personalized posters offer a reminder that grandma’s favorite kids add up to infinite joy and exponential love. And if your favorite mom is a math buff, both prints are available for mom too. There’s room for up to 12 grandkids (or kids) on each poster. Plus, they’re  designed and made in the U.S. with frames made of Durian wood, which is harvested only after the trees can no longer bear fruit.

Personalized Infinite Joy Print: $100  |  Personalized Exponential Love Print: $100 (aff)


The Geek Mom


You know who I’m talking about. The mom whose idea of a good time is spending the afternoon at Best Buy, or who does long division for fun. OK. So that last example probably doesn’t exist, but if she likes watching Big Bang Theory and digs telling people that she uses her left brain more than her right, she’ll love this gift. The bowl features a spiral of pi numerals that tapers off into a solid stainless steel form. Bonus points: Most stainless steel is made with recycled content.

But if that doesn’t work, a set of Earth Science glasses with a set of matching coasters should do the trick. They feature the Earth’s ocean and core, along with the atmosphere and outer space. Sounds like a recipe for science lesson at the breakfast table.

Pi Bowl: $98  |  Earth Science Glasses: $38 or Coasters: $30 (aff)

The Crafty Mom


This mom gets a genuine kick out of making things with her hands, and you’ve no doubt noticed. Even when she didn’t make it herself, she loves all things handmade. She’ll no doubt love making stamps that let her put a special mark on every letter or gift. This set, which is made in the U.S. and comes with a vegetable-based ink pad, contains all the tools, supplies and step-by-step instructions she’ll need to make a one-of-a-kind rubber stamp. Plus, there are 25 design templates to get her creative juices flowing.

But if her bag of tricks contains knitting or crochet needles, she’ll love a yarn bowl to help keep her organized. These handmade stoneware bowls are available in a bunch of colors and designs, all with slots on the side to feed yarn through, so the ball can unravel without knots or tangles.

Carve-a-Stamp Kit: $28 |  Yarn Bowls: $49-58 (aff)

The Mom in Love


These gifts are for the moms who still get all doe-eyed about their significant other. My daughter would probably say this is me. What can I say? My hubby still makes my heart go pitter patter. This handmade ceramic vase has all the allure of initials carved in a tree trunk, except she can keep it in her living room. Add a beautiful bouquet, and you’d got one spectacular gift.

But if flowers and vases aren’t really her thing, you can give a gift with equal charm: A personalized blanket. They’re made from recycled yarn in Yonkers, NY, and feature a faux gorgeous bois pattern and a red heart, complete with the intials of mom and her love.

Personalized Sweetheart Vase: $70 |  Personalized Sweetheart Throw: $198 (aff)

I’d love to hear from you. When it comes to shopping for Mom, do you stick with tried and true favorites, or aim for something more personal? Either way, you can find a ton more gift ideas at Uncommon Goods.

Disclosure: I have received compensation from Uncommon Goods for sharing these gift ideas with you. However, as usual, all opinions are my own and 100% authentic.

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