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Maintaining Wicker Furniture for Patio Use

by Wicker Paradise


If you love the look of wicker furniture, you’re not alone. The first wicker furniture was created for the ancient Romans, so it’s likely that they enjoyed patio chairs similar to the ones you have in your backyard. Even in ancient times, this material was prized for its resilience, and it has only gotten stronger as humans have perfected its use. Wicker will easily last a lifetime, if it’s well-maintained.

So, how exactly do you keep wicker looking great for years?

Take Care of Your Cushions

The most susceptible part of outdoor wicker patio furniture is probably the cushions. These pieces may claim to be weather-resistant, but they usually don’t hold up well to long exposure in the sun and rain. And they definitely won’t handle severe winters for very long. The best thing you can do is also the simplest: Take them inside. Just get them out of the bad weather, and keep them clean with a dust cloth for long-lasting results.

Keep It Clean

Wicker is naturally resilient, but even resin wicker needs treatment every so often to keep it looking like new. Dirt and grime cake onto wicker easily, especially if the piece is in your back yard, and all those nooks and crannies can be a bear to maintain if you let it go for too long without cleaning. To avoid this kind of buildup, vacuum your wicker furniture every once in a while with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to remove loose surface debris, or brush it with a soft bristled brush, like a toothbrush or paintbrush.

Still, an electric pressure washer set to an extremely low PSI will usually rinse away dirt that’s hardened over time. You can also use a special putty that restores the shine to the wicker. If you’re restoring older furniture, lightly sand away the existing finish before applying your stain, but be wary that it’s very easy to damage wicker during a restoration. In most cases, it’s best to restore the cushion and simply clean the furniture.

Keep It in the Shade

Ideally, if you can help it, it’s best to keep your wicker furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. It will fare best on a covered patio, or at least under some patio covers like a large umbrella, awning or gazebo. Still, even a spot outdoors that gets shade for much of the day would be better than an area that sits in the sun all day.

With proper care and maintenance, your wicker furniture should last for years to come. For more information, you can visit Sillas Vintage.


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