Aerogarden Review & Update: 19 Days Later

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So…a few weeks ago, you may recall my excitement about the Aerogarden 3SL indoor gardening system. You know. That contraption that promised to turn me into a master gardener overnight. OK. That’s an over-exaggeration. But the Aerogarden did promise to help me grow herbs, veggies and even flowers right on my kitchen counter, with little effort or maintenance.

Well, it’s been more than a few days — 19 to be exact — and I’m here to tell you…this thing is the truth! Want to see for yourself? My basil, dill and parsley are thriving, and this is with almost no effort from me or my husband.


Just so you’ll have the full picture, this is where we started on day one.


Three mounds of dirt covered in plastic have now turned into not just sprouts, but actual maturing leaves that I could pick and use. That, my friends, is what I’d call success!

The basil, in particular, makes my heart sing. My husband is already planning it into recipes, and I’m imagining a delicious pesto on top of some pasta al dente.


I think it’s already pretty clear what I think of this, but in case you’re not sold here are the simple steps to getting up and running with the Aerogarden 3SL:

1. Add water.

There’s a translucent window on the front of the unit so you can see how much water to add when you get started and how much to add along the way. Ideally, you’d keep the water right up to the “fill to here” line. To give you an idea of how simple that is, we’ve added water exactly one time since we started, and that was just a tiny amount of water to fill it back up.

2. Add seed pods.

You’ll need to keep the labels so you’ll know which plant is which, then cover them with the plastic growing domes. These have to stay on until each plant begins to sprout and the leaves are nearly touching the domes.

3. Add liquid nutrients.

Each seed kit comes with a bottle of liquid nutrients, along with instructions explaining how much to add. The AeroGarden 3SL has a light on the front to remind you when you need to add them again. This should happen every two weeks.

So to reiterate how easy this is: Add water, add seed pods, add liquid nutrients, turn on your unit. Pay attention to when you need to add more water or liquid nutrients. That’s it. It’s so easy, even my daughters’ elf is excited about it!


The Aerogarden light will come on and switch off on its own, and you’ll hear the water gently bubbling when it is on. It also comes with a setup guide that will help you figure out when each plant is mature enough to harvest, etc., so you definitely want to keep that on hand. But trust me when I say that this has been the easiest path to growing herbs that I have ever come across. And if I — a self-proclaimed “Black Thumb” — can grow herbs on my counter, surely anyone can.


I have to say, I’m tempted to add a second one so we can grow more herbs and veggies at a time, but I think I’ll wait until we go through a full plant cycle before we take the plunge. But if you have a gardener or foodie on your gift list and you’re stumped for a gift idea, this is it. Really. For $49.97, you’ll be giving them to gift of fresh herbs and veggies.

They’ll thank you later.

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Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and effort in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used.

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