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Lean With It: Mimosa Media Tower by Umbra

Mimosa Media Tower by Umbra

The room my husband and I are currently in is small, to say the least. We are always tripping over things, squirreling away papers and trinkets into nooks and crannies, and losing things because we have too much stuff for such a limited space. So I’m always looking for creative storage options that maximize available space — mostly vertical space, since there isn’t much floor space left.

We have an awkward corner next to the dresser that isn’t being used at all, and we’ve been doing a lot of reading and movie-watching lately. Unfortunately, our DVD collection is currently stored in a box. Makes it hard to find specific movies, not to mention how unattractive it is. Sounds like a prime situation for this Mimosa Media Tower by Umbra.

Made of solid, sustainable acacia wood, it leans slightly and features four shelves that are the perfect size to house our movie collection. The back leg would go in the corner, out of the way of toes and the walking space, and it would lean back toward the wall, which means my daughter wouldn’t be able to tip it over.

Perfect solution? Only time will tell…

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of sustainable acacia wood

Price: $110 (aff)

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