A Green Approach to Heating and Cooling

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It is no secret that HVAC units use a large amount of energy. In fact, it is estimated that in the middle of summer and winter, heating and cooling comprise 50% of the average home energy bill. In addition to costing you money, using a lot of energy consumes a substantial amount of natural resources. The use of fossil fuels to create energy depletes the ozone layer and contributes to global climate change.

Environmentally-friendly approaches to heating and cooling may include buying an energy efficient HVAC unit. However, these special machines tend to carry a high price tag. One workable and affordable solution is to make the unit you already have more energy efficient and to help it work more effectively. In addition to finding the best singapore aircon servicing, there are a number of things you can do to increase the efficiency of your HVAC, and many of these are low cost or no cost solutions that require simple maintenance or basic home improvements.

Keep your HVAC in Good Shape

If your HVAC machine is not in good repair, it requires more energy to do the same amount of work and an efficient machine. There is no question that this creates waste and increases your energy bills without any added benefit. Therefore, it is essential to call a hvac service company to give your heating and air conditioning unit a tune-up now and again just as you would your car. For air conditioning repair that is stress-free, contact these topnotch experts on ecologyair.com.

A technician from Reimer HVAC or another local company can come and look at your heating and cooling unit to ensure it is in proper working condition. In addition, you should be getting furnace repair services to give your machine regular maintenance and repair, such as changing the filter at least once a month and checking that there are no debris blocking the distribution of air.

Look for Cracks and Leaks

There is little point investing a large amount of money in your heating and cooling system when much of the air goes outside imperceptibly through small cracks in the wall or a damaged siding. Check the area around windows and doors to ensure that air is not escaping to the outside. Inspect your siding and test its firmness by placing a screwdriver beneath the surface to check for loose spots. Undertake your annual roof inspection with the help of Cladding Fascias Fitting in Liverpool and be on the lookout for signs of leaking. Moisture is the main concern with roofs, but problems with installation is also a concern. Make sure you make an appointment for a roof repair when you find cracks or leaks.

Take Care of Hot Spots

Hot spots are places in your house where intense rays of sunlight appear during the summer time. The hot spots can be seen on the floor on couches, in curtains, can eat up cold air, and interferes with your air conditioning. Seal windows with a coating that blocks UV rays, and keep window shutters closed when the air conditioning is on. You can also find heavy curtains that block out excess sunlight and can work as insulation during the winter time to keep your home warm.

With a few simple steps, you can make sure the work that your HVAC system does is not wasted, that you save on your energy bills and preserve natural resources. Contact the heating and cooling service from Landmark Air for regular checkup of your HVAC unit to ensure that it works efficiently and keeps your family comfortable all year round. Don’t forget that it is always better hiring air conditioning services so that a real professional can take care of the problem before it is too late.

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