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Tween Room Makeover with Enbrighten Cafe Lights

Disclosure: I received free product and compensation for this blog post. As usual, all opinions are honest and fully my own.

When I was a teenager, there were a couple of things that I wanted desperately in my bedroom: A canopy bed, because yes, and fairy lights, because magic. Unfortunately, I never got either of those things. And it seems I have passed both of those desires down to my oldest daughter, because there’s nothing she’d love more than to have a room that feels magical all day, every day, and now all i want is to contact the Houston solar panel installation company for my house.


When I learned about Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco, I couldn’t wait to partner with them, because I knew they’d be the perfect addition to her room to add a little bit of that magic.



Of course, this is where we started, so it wasn’t hard to make anything — like, literally anything — look “magical” by comparison.

So about those lights. The Enbrighten Café Lights are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. The light bulbs are larger and the cord heavier than I imagined they would be, but that makes sense, given that they are commercial grade and weather-proof. They need to be able to withstand being outdoors for an extended time, and I have no doubt that they’d hold up just fine, should we ever decide to move them outside the house. They’re also made with LED bulbs with a lifetime guarantee, which means that you should never have to change a bulb, and they’ll use less energy — and put off less heat — than their incandescent counterparts.

With the large scale of the bulbs and the weight of the cords, it took my husband and I a while to figure out how to best arrange them in our daughter’s room, and how to mount them.


We eventually decided to use heavy-duty picture hooks, as you can see in the image above, and to take the lights all the way around the ceiling line of her room, for a full-room vanity effect. And based on these “after” photos, I’d say we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.



Not to mention the fact that the room no longer looks like a disaster area.



Honestly though, these lights are magic defined. Unlike the light fixture in her room and LEDs we have used in the past, these bulbs put off a warm white light, and no other lighting is required. Not the overhead fixture or a lamp she used occasionally. Two strings of cafe lights, 24′ and 36′ feet long respectively, are more than enough to “enbrighten” her room on even the darkest of days.

Even better, we also received a timer to connect to the lights, so my daughter was able to set the lights to turn on in the morning when she normally wakes up, turn off when she goes to school, then on again in the evening and off at bedtime.

Now, I’m tempted to hang out in her room all the time, just so some of that magic will rub off on me. Her room feels like a modern fairy tale, and I am completely here for it. Incidentally, she now wants to spend even more time in there. I’m not sure yet whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I do know she’ll have some company from me either way.


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Enbrighten Cafe Lights

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