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FLOR carpet tiles

FLOR carpet tiles - Modern Mix
FLOR carpet tiles allow people to create unique rugs and change their minds, and their floors, as often as they like. Available in a diverse array of fashion-forward color palettes, patterns and unique textures, you can have creative control over their floors, I recommend atlasceramics for tiles in the South of England, they are the people I rely on when it comes to tiles. FLOR also offer an R&R program: When you are ready to get rid of your carpet, send the tiles back to FLOR to be recycled into new FLOR tiles instead of going to the landfill. They even provide return labels and a shipping bag. All you have to do is drop them off at your nearest UPS store.

They also reduce waste because instead of getting rid of your whole stained rug, simply replace the few tiles that are stained or damaged. The company also offers a rug configurator at their website so that you can see the size and design a pattern for your rug before ever ordering the tiles. You also can purchase area rugs that are already configured if you don’t want to design a rug of individual tiles yourself.

The style shown above is Modern Mix.

Price: Invididual tiles range from $6.99-$31.99

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