Choosing Window Designs Room by Room

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While some people might view the window treatments industry as fairly simple and straightforward, it’s anything but if you delve into the finer details.

Though many people approach window treatments by walking into a store and choosing one of a few available options, there is a huge variety of window options you can choose if you take the time to look — from shutters to roman blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and drapery. When you consider all the possibilities, it is no wonder many people choose to get window design help.

For the novice buyer, it can be a daunting prospect. Which interior design works best in which room? While there’s no definitive answer to that question, there are some things you can consider when making your choice for each space.


There are a few unique issues to consider when choosing a window treatment for the bathroom. There’s the privacy factor — because you don’t the whole world to see you at your most vulnerable because your window isn’t frosted. You also want to choose window treatment materials that aren’t susceptible to moisture.

For the latter reason, many Roman blinds and wooden blinds can be removed from consider, as neither is going to fare well when it comes to moisture and both would need to be replaced fairly quickly.

However, if you still want a wooden look, consider a wood substitute like Durawood. These substitutes look like traditional wood, but are made in a way that makes them stand up to moisture. And if they are of Venetian style, you can open and close them as needed to meet your privacy needs.

If you’d prefer a fabric window option, PEVA is a good choice that doesn’t contain a lot of the more harmful chemicals contained in PVC, and it will still resist water and steam.


Really, it’s a case of rinse and repeat (pardon the pun) from above. Though privacy is unlikely to be as much of a factor here, you’ll still need to find something that can handle the effects of water and steam. The same products that will work in your bathroom are a good choice for the kitchen as well.


It is well documented that the average person does not get sufficient sleep each night. In the bedroom, one of the most pressing concerns for window treatments should be the ability to reduce sunlight. This is where blackout fabrics become a factor. If you prefer blinds, you can often find Roman and roller blinds in blackout fabric, and there are a variety of companies making blackout curtains as well, allowing you to almost completely block out natural light from entering your bedroom. The result? You’ll sleep much better. Bonus result? Blackout curtains also act as insulators, keeping out the cold during the winter and keeping out heat during the summer.


While there are no hard-and-fast design rules here, most people working in a home office will prefer to use a material that allows them to manipulate the amount of light that enters the room. The is especially important when trying to reduce the dreaded screen glare. But it can also help with temperature regulation. If your computer is facing a window, a sturdier window treatment made of a thicker material can help keep the space cooler. Full-length curtains, vertical shades or roller blinds can be great choices that will make it easy to manipulate light and temperature as needed.

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