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I hate getting up in the morning. No, really. I hate it. I love sleep, and I tend to be very cranky when I don’t get enough of it. Of course, as fate would have it, I have a toddler who wakes up promptly at (or before) 7:30 every day. And it kinda sucks. This is true even though my previous bed was only marginally comfortable, thanks to a mishaps with my husband, the washing machine, and the mattress cover which contained wool.Yeah. That didn’t end well. So we were desperately in need of a new mattress. When I discovered Essentia, a brand that makes the only natural memory foam mattress, it felt like a match made in heaven. Month of sleeping on a semi-uncomfortable mattress had taken its toll on my body, but I didn’t want to just buy an average, traditional, off-gassing mattress. I wanted something better. And Essentia definitely qualifies as “better”.

As I mentioned, Essentia offers the first and only natural memory foam mattress. You know. The memory form that is regularly touted as the best possible sleep option. You know — until you consider what they’re usually made of. Essentia’s mattresses are all natural and customizable. They’re made of natural latex fan with no adhesives, no petrochemicals and no animal testing or by-products. And even better, their mattresses come with a seriously impressive 25-year lifespan. Consider that it is recommended the average mattress be replaced after 8 years, and you can understand why I was intrigued. So when they agreed to send me a Stratami Lifestyle mattress so I could see for myself what the fuss was all about, I was waaaaay more excited than you’d expect someone to be about a mattress. Like I said, I love my sleep.


First thing’s first: Essentia mattresses are heavy. When it was delivered, FedEx left it downstairs at my request. I sincerely wish I had asked them to bring it upstairs. It comes in a box much smaller than you might expect. That’s because the mattress is shipped compressed and rolled. And it took my husband and I all the effort we could muster to get it upstairs.

Once unboxed and unrolled, we were confused. The mattress seemed really thin. But that is part of the Essentia magic. Our new mattress was vacuum-sealed before rolling for shipping in a narrow box. Once we broke the seal of the plastic cover, voila! Magic! OK, not really. But I admit it was fun to hear the air hissing out of the plastic and watch the mattress start to expand before our eyes.




It does take a while for the mattress to regain its original shape, but once it was back to full size, I was really impressed by how supple and comfortable it felt. And my toddler agrees.


She wouldn’t stop jumping on the new mattress. And me? Well, I just wanted to lay on it. Forever. The unbleached organic cotton cover has a rippled texture that is amazing to touch, and even more amazingly comfortable to sleep on. And the texture also means that the mattress is less likely to shift on top of your box spring (or foam base pieces, in our case). The Essentia memory foam hugs your body and supports in all the right places. And it bounces right back into shape when you get up.



We added the Essentia mattress on top of the remnants of our previous bed, including box spring, so that made our bed significantly higher than we were used to. In a word, we love it. It feels luxurious, like we’re sleeping in a fancy hotel suite every night. I seriously lament having to get up in the morning, and I’ve started just pulling my daughter into bed with my husband and I for a few more precious moments of body-hugging comfort.


If you’re interested in jumping on the Essentia train (or sleeping on it. Whatevs.), now is a great time. This week, leading up to Black Friday, they’re offering 20% off all orders, plus up to $300 in Essentia cash on qualifying purchases. The Lifestyle mattress collection starts at $1345.

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