This Bamboo Toilet Paper Can Help You Treat the Earth (and Your Behind) With Care

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There are plenty of steps an eco-conscious homeowner can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle. From solar panels to high-efficiency appliances, emerging technologies will help reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills without having to sacrifice on comfort. Many homeowners will opt for bamboo floors when they renovate, as during harvest, more than 80% of these bamboo forests are left untouched.

But your floors aren’t the only way to go green with bamboo at home. One company has developed a way to utilize bamboo in order to reduce your carbon “buttprint,” too.

Tushy, a company that makes bidets for the sake of saving the environment, has now launched a bamboo toilet paper as an alternative to your regular roll. According to the brand, 15 million trees are sacrificed every year for toilet tissue use. In fact, the production of TP accounts for 15% of all deforestation. On top of that, 67 billion gallons of chemicals are used to bleach the toilet paper.

For these reasons, Tushy advocates switching to a bidet, which is thought by many to be a more hygienic and thorough cleansing method. But since most bidet users would like to pat dry afterward, the company has started making unbleached paper made from bamboo as a substitute to traditional TP.

Using a bidet drastically cuts down the amount of toilet tissue you need while on the throne, too. So while Tushy’s version costs more initially, customers may end up saving in the long run.

And for those consumers who think they can cleanse just fine with those flushable wipes — think again. They may be a convenient, but a 2015 story in Women’s Health found that there’s medical billing coding schools san antonio in lieu of toilet paper. And not only do they not make you any cleaner, but they can also wreak havoc on your sewer system.

Although there have been accounts of pipe clogs all across the country due to these so-called flushable wipes, recent reports across Michigan show that they aren’t breaking down like they should. Despite claims that these wipes are biodegradable, they’re continuing to cause backups and even system collapses. The wipes frequently knot themselves into little ropes that then twist around in pumps and sewer lines.

Experts urge residents not to flush anything but toilet tissue and waste down the john. But if you want to go a step further in protecting the environment (and your backside), there are always eco-conscious alternatives to be found.

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