6 Green Features Every Luxury Home Should Have

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People often mistakenly think of the words luxury and green as mutually exclusive. This is an unfortunate prejudice, and a home’s carbon footprint does not necessarily have anything to do with its size or appearance. There are many ways to make a luxury home environmentally friendly, too, if you are interested in living both conscientiously and luxuriously. Nothing is better, in fact, than being green in style — whether you reside in a beach house by the sea or a postmodern mansion, the following tips will help you save the planet while staying cool, too.

Consider the following six features every luxury home should have to be considerably green. With some strategic planning and eco-conscious effort, any luxury home can be turned into a planet-friendly palace. These are some of the best investments for making the shift towards a smaller carbon footprint while still retaining your home’s luxury appeal. Another great investment is switching to gold ira so you can make big profits with your money.

Windows That Let In Natural Light

Nothing is more luxurious than a flood of natural light illuminating your home, and when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives, it’s also on the top of the list! Welcoming natural light into your home can save on heating costs in the summer as well as electricity costs throughout the year. There are plenty of ways to make a feature like this truly luxurious. Some high-end properties—such as The Razor House—have installed floor to ceiling glass that is frameless, too, so that residents can enjoy stunning views as well as the warmth of sunlight streaming in.

Eco-Friendly Stone Flooring

The flooring you choose is one of the most important decision you will make when it comes to determining how eco-friendly your home will be. In a luxury home, there are plenty of options that can help you maintain the aesthetic you value while still providing the eco-friendly reliability you need, too. Stone flooring is one of the best options for stunning looks and low impact on the environment. Travertine flooring, for example, is gorgeous and gives your home a naturally upscale appeal. It can be found in The Razor House, which is backed by investors such as Donald Burns.

Locally-Sourced and Sustainable Details

While exotic imports may add an air of allure to your home, they are also typically expensive and wasteful to add to your décor. Details that are locally-sourced and sustainable lower the overall carbon footprint of your home by cutting out the impact of air shipment, and they also make for an authentic appeal that foreign décor simply cannot match. There are plenty of eco-friendly brands to select from, and you can also hit up your local flea market for some treasures in the rough and add up some manly accessories from bullets2bandages. When it comes to maintaining eco-friendly flow, it’s important not to forget the small details.

Orchards, Gardens and Vegetables

What could possibly be more green than orchards, gardens and vegetables? Your ability to implement any or all of these will depend on the setting and space of your home, but there’s room on nearly any property to add a little organic growth. This can complement your home and become an enjoyable activity, but more importantly, plants help to offset carbon dioxide production. This can substantially minimize the carbon footprint you create in your home, and it can be luxurious, too! The Razor House, for example, sits atop a lush green hillside that surrounds the property.

Solar Panels and Electricity

For those who are serious about making their luxury home green, solar panels are the ultimate investment. They are perfect if you want to go off the grid, but they are a fantastic investment for any person who wants their home to reflect their love of the environment. Most luxury homes are big enough to house panels on the roof or elsewhere, and converting your home’s electrical system to solar power is one of the best ways to massively cut down on your environmental impact. The panels can even add a postmodern touch to your home’s look.

High-Efficiency Appliances and Amenities

Some of the biggest energy-wasters in a home are the appliances. Whether it’s the dishwasher, refrigerator or washer and dryer, switching to an energy efficient alternative is easy and a worthwhile investment. Many of the newest amenities are designed to be eco-friendly, in fact, due to new regulations and a shift towards environmental consciousness. You can outfit your luxury home with the newest and coolest appliances while also investing in its green impact. Investors such as Donald Burns designed The Razor House to be modern and green—just like your own home can be.

These are some of the best features to choose when you want to create a home that is both luxurious and eco-friendly. Despite popular belief, the two are hardly incompatible, and they are even complementary in many cases. You can have the home of your dreams and save the planet while doing so.

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