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4 Eco-Friendly Party Planning Tips

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Birthday parties, holiday parties, and weddings all take a lot of planning and hard work. But unfortunately, in many cases, they also produce a lot of waste. Whether it’s napkins, plates, silverware, wrapping paper or balloons, there is a way to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by your next party. Party planning involves organizing hundreds of details like decorations, party venue, invitations, games and video games as League of Legends, you can improve with the help of ELO Boost services online, and also food. In addition, if you plan to throw a party outdoors, you should consider renting special event restrooms for your guests to use. This article will help give you some tips and tricks to make sure your next party is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

  1. Use stuff you already have. Although disposable cups, plates, and silverware make for an easier cleanup, you can decide to use items you already have at home. Not only will this prevent waste, but you won’t have to worry about soggy, flimsy plates and cups. If you don’t have enough dinnerware at home, you can go with compostable dinnerware, as long as you compost it when it’s done being used, or even rent dinnerware and linens through a party rental company.
  2. Go green for decorations. You don’t have to literally choose decorations that are green, but opt for eco-friendly materials. By using fabric instead of plastic tablecloths, you can make your party more elegant. Choosing different colors and types of fabrics will brighten up the space and add some interest. Additionally, you can use flowers or plants for centerpieces — just remember to put them in jars or vases from home! Banners made of fabric or scrap material and party lights will provide the finishing touches. Take a look at these beautiful table and chair covers that may look perfect on this special day.
  3. Choose a waste-free menu. As long as you plan ahead of time, a completely waste-free menu is easily doable. For starters, you need to avoid any prepared items like dips or party trays that are packaged in plastic. Instead, choose to make most of the food yourself. This will allow you to get creative in the kitchen while avoiding unnecessary waste. Additionally, if guests are bringing food, it’s a good idea to ask them to bring their food in serving bowls or dishes with lids. You can also provide reusable containers for leftovers.
  4. Send eco-friendly invitations. One easy way to do this is to make an event on Facebook or some other social media platform. In doing this, you not only produce zero waste, but people can easily RSVP and ask questions all in one place. If you do want to physically send invitations, choose paper that is recycled, and ask that guests bring their invitations to the party with them so you can ensure they are recycled again. As a matter of fact, there are even super cool options like plant a seed paper, which allows guests to plant the invitations and allow the seeds that are embedded in the paper to grow into flowers.

By simply making the decision to go waste-free for your next party, you’re already headed in the right direction. It may take some extra planning and a few mistakes for you to get it down, but by following these few simple eco-friendly party planning tips, you’ll be throwing the best waste-free party in no time.

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