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Review Week: Ingeo Eco Blanket from Room & Board

Room & Board Eco Blanket

Most of you know that my family and I recently moved from Georgia to Tennessee.  We’re currently living in a situation where we rarely have any control over the thermostat. That means two things: It’s always a bit colder in the house than I’m used to, and we have been layering our bedding to make sure we’re warm at night. During the winter, which is a lot colder than I expected here in Tennessee, there’s nothing quite as valuable as a really warm blanket.

Room & Board sent me one of their Eco Blankets to review, and it came at just the right time. We didn’t bring much with us in the way of housewares, so we were really needing some layering blankets. The Eco Blanket was perfect for that. It is made of a blend of 60% merino wool/40% ingeo. Ingeo is a fiber that is made from corn that is being marketed as “the first commercially viable man-made fiber made from 100% annually renewable resources.” I haven’t been able to find tons of information about ingeo, but as soon as I do, I will add it to this post.

In terms of performance, it is definitely warm. But then again, with a wool blend, it would be tough not to be warm. It is a very simple, solid charcoal color. Not the most stylish blanket in the world, but it definitely works as an accent piece. We have been keeping it folded at the foot of the bed and using it at night layered on top of our duvet.

Room & Board Eco Blanket

The fabric is definitely not intended to be used as a lone blanket, as it is quite coarse and scratchy. I wouldn’t use it as a throw blanket in the living room or anywhere else. But layered on top of another blanket or a sheet, it works really well, and it will give your bed a professional, well-styled, layered look. You know — the kind you see in home magazines.

In addition to the charcoal that I received, it is available in a charcoal stripe and a slate stripe. Those two are very tailored and stylish and would definitely lend a finished look to your bedding. A matching pillow sham is also available, though I wouldn’t recommend using it on your top pillow. That would probably make for a really itchy night.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 60% merino wool/40% ingeo, a fabric made from corn

Price: $139-199

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