6 Home Updates that Are Worth It

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You love your home. It’s where you’ve cuddled babies, grilled on the weekends, had the world’s best Superbowl parties, and danced with your loved ones on special occasions.  Your home isn’t just the house— your house is just the shell that contains all those memories. Still, most of us can appreciate a nice shell. If you’ve considered making some updates to your home, you may have realized that not every update is worth it. What’s the difference between needing and wanting, and when should you decide between the two? There’s nothing wrong with getting a home update you want, but your effort and money would likely be better spent on ones that have tangible benefits. Without further ado, here are 6 home updates that are actually worth your money and time.

Better Bedding

If you’re not sleeping well, you should think about changing out your bedding. Foam mattresses could be the cure your back is looking for, and better sleep tends to lead to better overall quality of life. This home update is one of the most practical you can consider. There are tons of eco-friendly bedding options, from mattresses made of natural latex foam to sheets, blankets comforters and other bed coverings made of materials like organic cotton, linen and more. Given how much time we spend in them, our beds should be the most comfortable places our homes, and making them more sustainable is a worthy effort as well.

Storage Space

If you’re going to remodel a room, you’ll probably be tempted to aim high: The bathroom or kitchen. You can do that later if you desire, but the first room you should remodel is…your closet. A relatively simple project, you can probably do it yourself on the weekends. Installing cabinets, shelves, storage nooks, rails and will help you finally make your house more organized and hassle-free, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

A Pool

You probably weren’t expecting this one. Of all the seemingly superfluous home updates, having a pool installed seems like the craziest. If you think a pool is a waste of your time and money, think again — especially if you have kids. When it comes to your family, it’s a great idea to focus less on stuff and more on memories, and a pool is a perfect place for family and friend time. You can contact a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey and create a place for making lasting memories. If you want to do this project more sustainably as well, opt for a saltwater swimming pool that doesn’t require chemicals to stay clean.

New Windows

There’s a good chance you’re losing money each year on your windows. Poorly installed and older windows tend to have cracks around their exterior. During the summer, they let cool air out, and in the winter, they let heat out costing you in terms of energy efficiency and money. To save, and give your home a fresh aesthetic, consider installing new, energy efficient windows.

Fresh Paint

This update is so simple, you may not even have considered it. Maybe your living room doesn’t need an extensive update — just a fresh coat of paint. You may not need new kitchen cabinets, just repainted kitchen cabinets. The right paint color, especially a dark, daring one, can completely transform a room. A dark wall helps you control the light in the room, and it can lend class and a whole new feel to your home. Just be sure to opt for low- or no-VOC paint for cleaner indoor air quality and fewer fumes.


Similarly to the pool, this one might seem superfluous at first. But think for a minute about lazy winter evenings by the fire, playing board games, drinking cocoa, or thawing after playing in the snow. A fireplace doesn’t have to be a huge installation — you can get a gas or electric fireplace that doesn’t require you to burn wood and can be installed a lot more easily than a traditional fireplace, and still enjoy the comfort and beauty of a crackling fire.

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