Making Your Living Room More Homey

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Your living room is probably the most important space in your home because it’s likely the place where you spend most of your waking hours. It’s only fair that it be comfortable and relaxing. When you return from a long day’s work, you’ll want to be grateful to be back. Ideally, your living room will be suitable for entertainment, serve a functional purpose, and be aesthetically pleasing. A combination of all three helps create a homey environment where you’ll be eager to spend your time.

This can be achieved by decorating with a theme in mind, and incorporating items that collectively generate a cozy ambiance. Because it’s difficult knowing where to start, here are some tips to help you make your living room homier.

Keep the Heat In

A warm room is cozy and comfortable to live in. Regardless of how great your living room looks, if it isn’t at the right temperature, it will feel uncomfortable and difficult to live in. During the winter months, it’s important your living room is well-insulated. The main culprit for losing heat from a room are the windows. This heat loss can be addressed with triple-glazed, energy efficient units, or by keeping drafts at bay with blinds or insulating window treatments. In either case, you can choose designs that perfectly complement your living room’s current theme. Exposed floorboards can result in heat loss, so filling in the gaps or covering the floor with a rug is a good fix. Finally, energy-efficient programmable thermostats are a great way to regulate temperature, and it will help you save money while creating a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Hang Canvas Prints

What’s a living room without art or photographs of family members? These are essential for creating a homey environment, where being surrounded by memories of loved ones and inspiring artwork is a blessing. Though smaller images are great, canvas prints will take the impact to another level. You can turn photos or even original art into large-scale masterpieces that will have a dramatic impact. With a gallery-quality canvas showcasing beloved photographs or artwork, you can keep beautiful memories alive in a space where you’ll be spending a lot of time. 

Create a Bold Color Palette

Though light colors are great for a vibrant and fresh environment, rich and deep colors create warmth. When teamed with furniture of contrasting colors, dark colors work really well to create interest. Shades like navy, berry, and mustard alongside beautiful wood furniture or luxurious upholstery can deliver dramatic spaces. Take the time to test and experiment with different colors before committing and use careful planning to create a look that’s perfect for you. Modern and industrial trends look great when teamed with rich shades, and with the right combination of bold colors, your living room will feel more homey than ever.

Cast a Glow

Your living room should be well lit to avoid feeling gloomy and to elevate the general mood of the room. Open windows to ensure enough sun can get into your room during the day, and install soft background lighting for the evenings. Dimmable lights are great for adjusting the mood in your living room, and with a task light, you’re well equipped for reading. For maximum energy efficiency, opt for LED bulbs. Also, a gas- or ethanol-burning fireplace is fantastic for creating a warm glow, while candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere. Find Ethanol Fireplaces Pros’ guidebook on biofuel fireplaces here. Carefully positioned mirrors also can work to reflect light accordingly, and this enhances coziness of your living room.

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