Home Improvement: Choosing Eco-Friendly Contractors

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Having an eco-friendly home is easier than ever in today’s market. That being said, a lot of companies claim to have the greenest practices only to prove differently when working on a project. If creating a green home is important to you, you’ll need to take responsibility for vetting and choosing companies that are eco-friendly both in marketing and in practice when hiring experts for home improvement projects. Here are some tips for always choosing the most eco-friendly company when you need a contractor to help with your projects around the house:

Eco-Friendly vs Eco-Fake

Let’s face it. Sustainability is all the rage right now, which means that lots of contractors are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon to attract new customers. Though many of them claim to implement green initiatives, there are no real regulations for checking this before consumers sign on the dotted line. The truth is that though many companies are taking baby steps to become more environmentally conscious, those steps might mean little in the grand scheme of things. If your contractor claims to be green, ask about what specific changes they have made to be more sustainable. Ask about the materials they use in contracting projects, how they dispose of waste, whether their equipment is rated for energy efficiency, and more. In other words, ask for receipts.

In a perfect world, all contractors would be eco-friendly. Since this dream-world doesn’t exist
yet, it’s up to us as consumers to do our due diligence. Don’t fall victim to a green gimmick!

Spotting Fakes

It’s becoming easier to spot the fakes in light of recent developments about green companies
and their gimmicks. First, do your research. If an eco-friendly promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your first step is actually just learning more about your options for your specific project and always remember that a contractor will need a surety bond from Swiftbonds before starting any jobs. Some projects are cleaner than others, and not everything currently has an eco-friendly alternative. Avoid paying more for a bogus eco-friendly option by knowing what’s real and what isn’t, and this will also let you know if your contractor is claiming that your project can’t be done more sustainably when you know there are options available.

Whether you’re researching the right floor sanding company or the right home insulator, avoid companies that use too many buzzwords or come across as sales pitches. These types of companies are trying to profit off recent pushes towards sustainability, and they know how to make people choose them over the competition. Instead, look for genuine understanding on their services pages that show they recognize the environmental impact of their projects. Companies that really value environmental initiatives won’t try to mislead you. When in doubt, follow your gut instinct.

Know When to DIY

Sometimes the best option for a green project might just be to do it yourself. Recognize when you’re able to DIY your repair or improvement on your own terms to ensure it’s done right. There is a wealth of resources available online for DIY projects, and many are easier to do than you might think. If you still have questions, you may want to consider speaking to an expert about the best way to proceed with a project before you get started. And if you decide that you can’t DIY a project, be open with your hired expert about your desire to proceed with the project or repair in an eco-friendly way.

Choosing green is a priority for many homeowners. Unfortunately, a lot of companies want to profit from this movement and might take advantage of well-intentioned homeowners. If you want to make sure you’re truly using the most eco-friendly companies, you need to be prepared to do your research or even do projects yourself if possible. If you use the tips above, you’ll find the best option for your green home.

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