Simple Decor & Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Colourful handmade paper flowers on pink background

This is your friendly reminder that Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13) is around the corner. If you already have plans to surprise your mom or any other special moms in your life, you’re ahead of the curve. If not, here’s your chance to surprise her with your creative skills and decorate your house to celebrate Mother’s day. It’s a day to acknowledge their presence in your life, tell them that they’re the real Wonder Women and how much you love them. Here are a few decoration ideas that will help you in planning the perfect surprise for the special moms in your life.

Make a Mother’s Day floral banner

Many moms love being surprised with beautiful, fragrant flowers. But this time, do something different by creating a floral banner. Create it using cardboard and some fresh flowers to decorate. You can cut the cardboard in a solid shape like a rectangle or circle, or you can go above and beyond and cut individual letters or shapes and string them together. Whether you hang it on the wall, or display it as a table centerpiece, your handmade creation is sure to make her smile.

Create a DIY floral wall

If you want to make an even bigger statement with flowers, aim for the wall. Decorate a wall (or at least a large section of a wall) with plenty of fresh flowers or buds using washi tape. Washi tape comes in endless colors and patterns, so you should have no problem finding options that fit your color scheme. If you want your floral wall to last forever (or at least longer than a week), choose faux flowers instead.

Multiply the greeting cards

Greeting cards are a pretty basic idea for a Mother’s Day surprise, but they can be very impressive if you think outside the box. Make some cards and pen your love for her on them. Or if you’re not feeling creative, buy several cards and add personalized messages. Place them in every room — on her dresser, the bathroom mirror, on the coffee table, on the hallway wall, on the kitchen table, etc. When she wakes up, the first thing she sees will be your greeting card and the gift will keep on giving as she starts her day.

Make your own gift basket

Gift baskets are a dime a dozen, especially around holidays like Mother’s Day. But when you make one yourself, you can make it infinitely more valuable to the mom in your life. With the availability of great mother’s day gifts, you can tailor the items in the basket to her interests, whether she prefers wine, chocolates and soothing music, or movie tickets, a gift card to splurge on a new outfit, and a gorgeous new handbag to hold it all. Take the time to think about what she really loves and include it.

Dress up the dining table

If you plan to include meals in your celebration of mom, no special meal is quite complete without a well-decorated dining table. Add a bouquet of beautiful flowers from flower delivery services, like Sophy Crown, or colorful balloons in the colors your mom loves as a centerpiece, and invest in a quality tablecloth and beautiful artwork to complement both. Maybe include a framed photo of mom and her favorite people to make her feel extra special.

Hanging paper flowers

Create a garden on your ceiling by making hanging paper flowers. All you’ll need it tissue paper in mom’s favorite colors, a pair of sharp scissors and a little bit of time to invest. With few cuts and folds and a little imagination, you can create beautiful tissue paper flowers and pom-poms and hang them from the ceiling using duct tape or packing tape, adding charm to your Mother's Day celebration.

A flock of paper lanterns

These colorful lamps are sure to light up the party. Make some captivating lanterns with colored paper
or cardstock sheets and use tealight candles from You can make round lamps and stick some paper butterflies or flowers on them; or if you’re pressed for time (or creativity), purchase pre-made paper lanterns and decorate the whole house or the space where you plan to host your celebration of mom.

What are your ideas for dressing up your Mother’s Day celebrations? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!


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