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Review Week: Accucharge Cordless Vaccuum by Dirt Devil

Accucharge Cordless Sticj Vac by Dirt Devil

I have a secret. I hate vacuuming. It is easily one of my least-favorite chores, second only to cleaning the bathroom. I do both, of course, because they need to be done, but I rarely go about it happily. I hate lugging a heavy vacuum around from room to room hoping that the cord will be long enough to reach everywhere without having to switch outlets. It’s just not a fun chore for me. So when Dirt Devil contacted me about their Accucharge cordless stick vac that is also ENERGY STAR approved, I jumped at the chance. After all, a well-decorated home is a clean, well-kept home.

The Accucharge is very lightweight at less than 6 lbs. Just how light is that in real life terms? My 3-year-old uses and lifts it without breaking a sweat. In fact, she wants to vacuum all the time now because it is so easy to use. The cordless, rechargeable feature is easily my favorite. There’s no long cord to lug around, and it’s so small and light that you can literally take it to any room, get under the bed, under tables, etc. with little effort. And it works on carpet as well as bare floors with the flip of a switch. I haven’t used it on bare floors much, but it does a great job on carpet. Not exactly a deep cleaning, but for everyday spills, crumbs, hair, etc., it’s very reliable.

It sits on a charging stand when not in use. You could choose to put it away, but then you’d have to charge it before using it again. The Accucharge is ENERGY STAR approved, meaning that it uses 70% less power than comparable vacs. I was a little skeptical about this since it does sit on the charger while not in use and could very well be using phantom power. However, it apparently has an unseen feature that monitors the power supply. When it is fully charged, the charging unit is designed to vastly reduce power usage. I like the sound of that, but I still wasn’t convinced, so I unplug the unit when I’m not using it and plug it in about a half hour before I need to vacuum.

It provides pretty good suction for a unit of its size. It is very small and will take up only a little more space than your regular broom. And although I have never used this feature, the handle also folds down to allow storage in a smaller space. But speaking of size, that brings me to a couple of issues I have with the Accucharge.

Accucharge Cordless Stick Vac by Dirt Devil

The size of the dirt canister is tiny. The unit sucks dirt up in a cyclone motion that you can see when you’re using it. This results in a swirly pile of dirt that fills up the unit very quickly. I don’t mind emptying once in a while, because the canister is very easy to remove and replace. But if I were trying to vacuum the entire living room and hallway, I could easily imagine having to empty it at least twice. I would have provided my own photos of it in use, but my camera batteries died on me. Guess I need to recharge them too 🙂

My second issue is that the charge doesn’t last terribly long. I thought maybe the charge was running out quickly because I wasn’t letting the unit charge long enough before using it. One day, I left it plugged in all morning with plans to use it in the late afternoon. It didn’t make a difference. I was vacuuming only the visible floor area in our small bedroom. The batteries didn’t die completely, but after about 10 minutes, the suction power was considerably reduced. I was able to finish the job, but it took several passes over the same spot once the battery began to lose power.

Lastly, although I certainly appreciate the ENERGY STAR rating, that alone does not a green product make. Maybe the case could have been made of recycled plastic or even corn plastic, or the filters could be biodegradable. One step towards sustainability is definitely a step in the right direction, but I would definitely like to see the next generation of this product take the green commitment a lot further.

Overall, I have to say I still really like the Accucharge. It has become a trusted part of our household cleaning regimen. We use it at least two to three times a week. It has almost completely replaced our full-sized vaccuum, which we now use only about once a month or if there is a really heavy-duty job (like a picture glass frame breaking on the carpet). The Accucharge handles everyday messes with ease, and it actually works well on area rugs without shifting the entire rug. I love the fact that it is cordless and that my daughter loves to use it. Because of this, I may be able to give it up on vacuuming completely and let her take over that chore.

If you ask me, that alone makes it a winner!

Why It’s Green:

  • ENERGY STAR approved

Price: $65.99

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