3 Tips for Taking Your Home Improvement Business to the Next Level

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You have heard it countless times: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. But have you ever
stopped to think about just how true that is? Take a few moments to look around you and you will see
that each improvement we enjoy was probably the brainchild of someone simply trying to make life
easier on themselves. It is the same with the home improvement business.

Many of the products on the market were the result of some builder or craftsman along the way trying
to make something work when no other solution seemed feasible. Are you in the home improvement
business? If so, here are three tips for taking it to the next level.

1. Keep a Record of Problems You’ve Solved

Builders often encounter difficulties making a job work to specifications. These are the times when they
need to get a bit creative. Perhaps a piece of pipe needs to be welded in an inaccessible spot or some bit
of cabinetry needs to be specially built to hold the amount of weight necessary for its intended use.
Every time you encounter a problem for which you need to design a solution, keep an accurate record of
the problem and how you solved the issue. At some point, you may see a pattern which indicates that
there is nothing on the market at the current time to meet particular and recurring needs.

2. Patent Any Products You Design

It would be interesting to note just how many builders ventured out into manufacturing after
developing ‘fixes’ to problems they encountered. Once you have found gaps in the availability of
products needed for common issues, it’s time to take your innovations to the patent office. You never
know when you might be the answer to another home improvement business’ prayers, so why not
patent your ideas so that you can mass produce your product?

3. Work with Engineering to Develop Cost-Effective Replications

Most of the designs you’ve created likely were crafted painstakingly by hand. It could be a
better way of joining pipes and it could be a cabinet designed to hold above average amounts of weight.
In any case, you wouldn’t sell many if you had to make each piece by hand and quality control would be
almost impossible.

Why not work with a CNC machining engineer such as those found at https://www.jadeeng.com.au/?
When each piece is manufactured with precision based on an automated computerized assembly
process, you know that each and every piece will be up to the specifications you have laid out. For cost-
effective replications of your designs, there’s no better way to accomplish this than with CNC machining.

Understand That Marketing Is the Key to Growth

Now you have designed, patented, and produced cost-effective products for the home improvement
industry, but how do you let builders and tradesmen know that there are solutions to everyday
problems they encounter? Marketing will be the key to business growth. You just have to show others that they need not waste time and effort trying to find fixes on their own.

You’ve already put the blood, sweat, and tears into finding a solution and marketing will be the key to getting the word out that you’ve got what they need. Wouldn’t you like to know just how many home improvement services went global just by mass marketing innovations they’ve designed? It’s an interesting thought.

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