How to Save Money on Your Water Heating Bill

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Savvy homeowners are always looking for a way to save money, on their bills or wherever they can. Even if it’s just a little bit of savings here and there, it adds up at the end of the day. Your water heating bill is a great place to start saving with just a few changes. Add up those savings over the course of the year and you may be surprised what a difference it makes.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can save money on your water heating bill, leaving you more cash in your pocket.

Make Sure Your System is in Good Working Condition

First things first, you want to be sure that your current hot water system is in good working condition. A few minor repairs may be required, and once they are made your system will be able to work more efficiently.

Consider Updating Your Hot Water System

There is also the fact that your system may not be up to par with today’s standards where energy
conservation is concerned. If you do have an older system, or one that doesn’t meet your household hot
water needs, then these from 1st Choice Hot Water could be a good solution.

Use Less Hot Water

Sure, this sounds simple enough, but it’s a really easy tip to ignore. You can use less hot water by washing your laundry in cold or cool water, having shorter showers, and not filling the bath quite as full.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

Did you know that you can actually adjust the temperature on your actual water heater? This is another
opportunity for saving money. Experts suggest lowering it by just a degree or two in order to see about a 5% savings on your water heating bill.

Wait Until You Have a Full Load in the Dishwasher

How many times have you found yourself turning on the dishwasher despite the fact that it’s not full? Instead, try to make a habit of waiting until it’s full before you turn it on. If you’re afraid the food will harden on the dishes while you wait for the dishwasher to fill up, you can give them a quick rinse before placing them in the dishwasher.

Another dishwasher tip is to use the smart wash or eco wash feature on your dishwasher, if it applies. This tends to be a faster cycle, which means you’ll be using less water overall.

Organize Your Laundry a Bit Better

You can use that same rule about the dishwasher and apply it to your laundry. Rather than doing a number of small loads throughout the week, let them build up until you have one big full load.

Each of these tips requires being more mindful of your water usage in general, which in turn will help you save money on your water heating bill since you will be using less hot water.

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