Fun Home Renovation Ideas

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If you like to take on DIY projects at home, or you are simply bored with your current surroundings, it might be time for a little bit of renovation. But where to start? There are so many ways you can tackle making changes at home. If you need some inspiration, check out these fun and quirky ideas that can spice up your home and completely change the way it feels. You may even have fantasized about some of these ideas as a kid!

Hidden Doors & Secret Rooms

We have all seen the movies where with the flick of a switch, the press of a button, or pulling on a mysterious lever reveals the entrance to a secret room. Whether it’s a door disguised as a bookshelf or an entrance hidden by a moving piece of furniture or large mirror on the wall, having a hidden room or space is a fun idea to dream about. But truth is, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to install one in your own home. While an elaborate wall build might require the help of a contractor, installing a bookshelf on tracks to replace the door to an existing closet, storage or play space can give you the intrigue you desire. And there are plenty of videos and tutorials to be found online from people who have done similar projects themselves. You should also consider installing conservatories crewe in your home.

Sunk-in Seating Area

If you like to host social gatherings, then this could be the one for you. Conversation pits, as they are sometimes known, have been around for years. They are a great way to make an intimate seating area and perfect, comfortable space to entertain your guests. Whether you choose to create one indoors or outdoors, it’s a stunning upgrade to your home or garden. They can be created in plenty of different styles, whether you prefer minimalist, chic or rustic; there are so many ways to go. Add a luxurious touch to your home with a sunken seating area inset into your pool area  or patio, made even better with a firepit so you can enjoy the space outdoors in the evenings too.

Staircase Solutions

Stairwells offer space that most of the time goes unused, which is such a waste when it can be turned into something exciting and practical. Try turning the space under your staircase into a cozy reading nook, a home office, or even a mini home for your dogs! Some people go a step further and remove a wall or banister completely, allowing for more open space and light. If you have high ceilings, another option is to remove the upstairs wall and make a balcony, so you easily see into the space below. If you do decide to change the structure of your home, be sure to consult an engineer to survey your home and its structural integrity before you go knocking through walls. But your staircase doesn’t have to be boring, in fact with a little ingenuity, it can become a fantastic feature in your home.

If you have your own exciting or creative ideas, then seeking advice from specialists like this engineering company can help to bring your ideas to life. There are plenty of other easy and more affordable ways to improve your home, but hopefully these ideas have brought some inspiration to those of you seeking something a little bigger and more exciting! If you’re also planning on renovating your roof then we recommend you check out Quality Built Exteriors / roofing contractor in Virginia, VA.

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