Think Ahead and Rent a Dumpster for your Next Big Project

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Whether you’re working on a DIY project, renovating or just cleaning your house or garage, chances are you will end up with a pile of trash. And there is nothing worse than having a pile of garbage and no idea how to get rid of it. One smart way to deal with excess waste is to rent a dumpster or skip bin at the start of your project. Most people believe that dumpsters are for commercial and industrial use only, but the truth is that the average consumer can use them too. Dumpsters and skip bins come in variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that can work for you, regardless of the size of your project.

The are tons of reasons  to use a dumpster or skip bin:

1. Convenience

When you’re doing DIY or cleanup projects, the waste is inevitable — but that doesn’t mean you have to waste tme too. Many projects will produce the kind of waste that your regular trash pickup just won’t take, and finding a trash center that will take it can be a pain, not to mention the time it takes to load it all up and take it away. But thanks to the availability of dumpsters and skip bins for rent, you have a much more convenient option. One call to a rental company or an easy online booking is all it takes to have the bin delivered to you, so you can fill it as needed throughout the project. And the rental company will come back and pick it up when you’re done, saving you time and stress.

2. Sustainability

How you dispose of waste at home is one of the first ways many of us try to shift our habits to become more sustainable. This should still be true even when you’re doing a project that will result in a lot of trash. The first step should be to donate, reuse or recycle everything that you can at home. However, the rest should be disposed of responsibly. Fast Skip Bins is one provider that is sure to practice safe, responsible waste management. They send your waste to a certified sorting facility where all the waste is salvaged and then redistributed, re-used or recycled. That said, do what you can to be sure that the only waste that ends up in a landfill is what is mean to be there.

3. Safety

When you’re doing a renovation project or cleanup, safety should still be a priority. And the truth is that dealing with bulk waste, broken glass, large items and potentially hazardous materials — particularly in the case of renovation — can be a safety risk if not handled with care. This can even be true with something as seemingly innocuous as a bathroom renovation, if mold is present. Make sure to research different mold killers before you start so you can nip the problem in the bud right away. Still, renting a dumpster or skip bin will ensure that you have a safe place to put these items as soon as they are removed from your home, keeping them out of the way, and that they will be handled with care.

4. Budget

Most of us do whatever we can to save a little money, and waste management can be pricey. However, using a dumpster or skip bin doesn’t have to be very costly. Many companies have special offers, especially for individual rentals. And the cost of the rental will likely be offset by the time and stress it saves you in figuring out how to dispose of large waste — particular because many trash disposal sites also charge fees for certain types of waste.

Save yourself time and headaches by planning a dumpster rental into your next project from the start.

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