How Humidity Can Affect Your Home Decor

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Most people don’t even think about indoor humidity until it begins to affect their homes and health. Most of us will consider using a humidifier when we’re sick or a dehumidifier for basements, but don’t do much otherwise. Ideally, you should keep the levels of moisture inside your house between 25% and 55%, but when it gets too low or too high, it can start to cause a lot of problems. If you’ve spent a lot of cash perfecting your home with tasteful décor that suitably reflects your style, you don’t want to take the chance something as preventable as humidity changes will ruin it all.

Here are some ways in which humidity can affect your home décor:

Damage to your wood furniture

Whether you’re going for a rustic look or something more contemporary, the vast majority of us have wood furniture in our homes. But if you live in a wet region or your home has more humidity than it should, wood furniture should be monitored carefully. Unless it’s specially treated, wood is a porous material that will absorb excess moisture. You’ll notice this phenomenon when your front or back door “swells” and becomes harder to open or close on rainy or extra humid days. The same thing can happen to your furniture. When the temperature goes up, more water accumulates in the air. This water penetrates your wood furniture which eventually reduces your furniture’s lifespan.

To safeguard your precious furniture, you should control the level of humidity in your house. Devices such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators will help you control the moisture in the air and minimize any possible damage to your furniture.

Paper keepsakes can get ruined

Many of us have a special container. You know the one. We use it to collect precious memories and keepsakes — many of which are on paper. In other words, it contains the kind of stuff we want to keep around for the long haul. However, humidity is especially ruthless when it comes to anything made of paper. All your handwritten letters, cards, notes, ticket stubs, photos, and other personal documents will eventually degrade if you expose them to moisture. To protect them, you can control the humidity in your home and keep them in waterproof containers.

Dry air can crack your artwork

Whether you’re displaying pieces of artwork your kids brought home from school or high-end, museum-quality masterpieces, the same problem exists. Paint usually grows weak in dry air, and this change can make the paint crack. If the brittle paint happens to be oil on canvas, it can make the problem even worse. The fiber in the canvas typically expands and the oil peels due to humidity, making your canvas twist. You will end up with a warped canvas and a cracked paint piece. Maintaining reliable humidity and temperature is important to consider in any room that contains pieces of art that you treasure.

Your heating and cooling system can effectively reduce and balance humidity levels in your home with regular maintenance. If you don’t maintain your HVAC unit properly, it will eventually lead to reduced air quality in your home. However, proper maintenance of your HVAC unit requires you to replace the air filters frequently. Simply check the size of your filter and buy one from your local store. If the size of the filter is not printed on the old filter or your unit has an odd size filter, you can take your search online, where a store like filterbuy has every size of filter you might need for your HVAC unit.

When the levels of humidity are too high, in addition to destroying your belongings, they can increase the growth of mold and damage your walls. Dry air can make hair and skin dry and brittle, along with your artwork. Don’t let the amount of moisture in the air threaten to destroy your belongings. Consider the suggestions above to protect your valuables.

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