Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard Shed or Summerhouse

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A beautiful timber summerhouse or backyard shed can be as versatile as the people who choose them, and there are myriad ways to use them to fit into your lifestyle. Based on highly scientific analysis (i.e. lots of chatting to people over the years), here are the most popular ways summerhouse customers get the most from their garden hideaways. Which one is most like you?

Get busy doing nothing

It’s summer, the sun is shining, the birds are singing…and in your summerhouse or shed, you’re relaxing. Maybe it’s a hard-earned break from gardening, maybe a present to yourself after a long day at work. Whether your choice is a glass of wine or a sip of ice cold lemonade, this is the place to enjoy it, with a little music, with friends, with nothing to do but enjoy it.

Entertain family and friends

There’s nothing like a summer’s evening drinking and chatting with your favorite people outdoors. Your summerhouse or shed makes al fresco entertaining fun even when the weather isn’t 100% reliable. Comfortable in your well-built cabin, you can watch the sun go down and stars come out, snug from any chilly breezes.

Outdoor dining

Take entertaining to the next level with a dining table, seating (built-in, upholstered bench seats with storage often work well) and wire your shed for electricity to add twinkly fairy lights, ambient lighting and even a mini fridge for drinks. The only problem will be getting your happy guests to leave!

A hobby room

So not everyone wants to just chill. Many summerhouse owners are exceptionally busy in their garden rooms, using their well-organized space to enjoy making art, crafts, DIY projects, model railway layouts — you name it. Your tools, equipment and working area are kept separate from the house so you can safely leave projects mid-task, and you can knit, carve, embroider, papercraft, sculpt, build (etc, etc) to your heart’s content in your own personal space.

A serious studio

A summerhouse or shed can be an inspiring place to work as well as play. Many buyers earn money from the art or craft they practice in their garden workshop, and seeing the quality of what they produce it’s no wonder. If your art business calls for special requirements like extra windows, skylights, a kiln, storage racks or built-in shelving, you can have them! It’s all in a day’s work! If you’re interested, learn more here: https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/wooden-summerhouses.html

Be at one with your chakras

A tranquil garden space is perfect to get away from daily stresses and practice yoga, meditation, martial arts or any number of relaxing ways to increase your wellbeing. You can even add gym equipment, and many customers use summerhouses as professional treatment and consultation spaces too, offering massage, osteopathy, counseling and more in their welcoming garden cabins.

Well read

With excellent insulation, security and the option of bespoke shelving and storage, a lovely use for a summerhouse is a serene reading room. Think of it as a dedicated space for reading, study or writing, and ideal to store a book collection which might have outgrown your home. Add a super-comfortable reading chair, a book lamp, your refreshment of choice and practice telling people “I’ll be in my library”.

A garden office

*Sigh* it can’t all be about leisure and wellbeing! If retirement is a distant prospect and even dinner parties a rare indulgence, welcome to the workers’ club. Still, your office could be a warm, relaxing double-glazed summerhouse or shed with a view of the garden or the nearest pond. Sound appealing? Even the smallest timber buildings provide an attractive space for desk, chair, storage, and refreshments, and you can make your garden office your own with your choice of décor, furnishings, and lighting. You’ll look forward to Mondays!

Something for the kids

A special outdoor space for children to play is magical for them, keeps toys and noise separate from the house, encourages imaginative outdoor play away from computers*, and with a bit of clever storage can even be a relaxing space for adults after bedtime!

(*Of course, with a little planning and high-quality door and window locks, your summerhouse can easily be home to a computer and have wifi, speakers, games consoles, TVs, a home cinema or any other technology you want. You just might not choose to tell your kids this until it suits you.)

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