Creative Ideas for your Next Home Project

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Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home before you put it on the market or you’re getting ready to close on a home you’ve been waiting to make your own, there’s a good chance a remodeling project is in your future. Consequently, there is so much to consider. And it all begins with a dream. Skylights! Room-sized closets! Tray ceilings!

All fantastic ideas, but if you don’t plan ahead, those dreams could quickly turn into your worst nightmare.

Here are some creative accessible ideas and tips that can give you a boost even without the time or expense of a complete remodeling project.

For Your Bedroom Update

Add Stylish Crown Molding

If your bedroom resembles a plain, simple box, there’s no doubt you’ll want to change that. One simple way to go about doing that is to add stylish crown molding at the roofline to add a break between the ceiling and the walls, to get more ideas view the website of you local trusted roofing contractor. When you choose well, it can an elegant touch of class.

Depending on the specific style of crown molding you are considering, you’re likely to spend between $120 and $350 for the materials. Of course, you’ll then need to spare some time to install it, but the finished look will be well worth the time invested.

Make a Hidden Room

If you ever had dreams of being like James Bond, this is a cool remodeling idea that will satisfy your inner spy. Unfortunately, building a traditional secret room can be quite costly, making it off-limits for many folks. However, the perfect solution comes in the form of a Murphy door, a more affordable way to make your secret room. With this setup, a bookshelf would simply slip into a doorframe, making it perfect for homes with walk-in closets in the master bedroom.

Use Larger Mirrors to Brighten Rooms

Aside from the fact that you want to be able to check out your hair and outfit before you walk out of the house, the light reflected by mirrors can make a room seem larger than it is. To execute this effectively, place one large mirror or a few medium-sized mirrors on the walls opposite the windows. Note that you don’t have to place the mirror directly facing the window. You just need a sufficient amount of light from the sun to hit the mirrors.

Choose a Bed Frame with Extra Storage

If you live in a smaller home, or you have a lot of stuff, or have kids, you know how valuable extra storage is. Next time you’re planning to upgrade one of the beds in your home, choose a bed with storage under the mattress. There are bed options that lift up to reveal a hidden storage compartment or beds with pullout storage drawers.

You can also consider building one yourself. While it takes a considerable amount of time to complete, the result will be incredibly rewarding. What’s more, you can build one even with a smaller budget. Note that you’ll need common power tools including a circular saw, drill, and a nail gun.

And lastly, a low-tech solution: When I was living in DC in college, my bed sat high enough to allow for tons of storage underneath. Adding bed risers is a quick way to accomplish this effect.

Repaint Your Bedroom

According to an exterior painter, paint is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to completely change the look and feel of any room. If you’re like most people, you probably started painting in the living room and other common spaces. Consider how a fresh color could update your bedroom too. With an amazing color palette, you can transform even the most boring room into a beautiful one. An ill-advised color, on the other hand, can make your bedroom look feel even more unappealing. To choose a great color palette, you can:

  • Find inspiration images of rooms in styles and colors you love
  • Use a color palette creation tool online
  • Use special home design software and test some combinations

For Your Bathroom Update

Bathroom upgrades can make a huge difference not just in the look of your home, but in its value. However, they may present some challenges during execution, especially if you plan to do everything yourself. While some bathroom remodeling projects may require a considerable amount of money, we have included some ideas you can accomplish on a budget.

Paint the Cabinets & Install New Hardware

If your goal is affordable elegance, the cabinets are a good place to start. Assuming you like the cabinets, consider upgrading your plain handles with newer, more stylish ones in a style you prefer. And if you’re not a huge fan of the cabinets, but you’re not quite in a position to replace them, paint the cabinets a solid color. White and gray are good neutral choices, but you can even opt for a deep navy blue or teal with gold hardware for a trendy look and feel.  You can also remodel your bathroom and find a double vanity to go along with it.

DIY Rustic Wood Shelves

For a classic cottage-like feel, take on this project you can tackle in a weekend. Decide whether you want the cabinets to span floor to ceiling, or whether you want just wall shelves. Then measure the available wall space. When shopping for the necessary supplies, start with wood slabs (they mustn’t necessarily be nice looking), simple pipes, caps, and flanges. The character of your rustic wood shelves will show once you stain them, a painless and relatively cheap process.

Add a Stone Exterior For Your Bathtub

While this project sounds difficult, it is actually quick and simple to complete, if you choose Air Stones. These are essentially cheaper, lighter, and more environmentally-friendly bricks. Even so, they still retain a classic appearance. For this job, you’ll need the stones, a hacksaw, and construction adhesive. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

Replace Bathroom Flooring

Let’s face it — most bathroom floors aren’t pretty. And if you have old, ugly laminate flooring in your bathroom, replacing it will make a huge difference. Depending on the quality of your laminate, removing it should be simple enough. You can replace it with vinyl tiles if you want an easier and more affordable install, or you can go for it and install beautiful ceramic, slate or marble tile. And if you’re really in the mood to splurge, install heated flooring while you’re at it. Your feet will thank you when you step out of the shower.

Replace Your Shower Head, or Add One

The first of these ideas is a simple one that you can do in just a few minutes. If you have an old, outdated shower head, you can find newer, more stylish and water-efficient options at a home or hardware store or even your local Target or Walmart.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more time or money, installing a second shower head will make tandem showers a lot more enjoyable, or individual showers a lot more luxurious. Just make sure you’re choosing low-flow shower heads so your extra luxury doesn’t wind up costing you in the form of a much higher water bill.

Refresh your Tile Grout

If your bathroom has had tiles for many years, you are bound to notice the grout isn’t as fresh-looking as it once was, which can make the whole space feel grimy and gross. You have probably tried different types of cleaning products, from vinegar and baking soda to your favorite cleaning concoction without much success. Refreshing your grout offers a simple fix to this problem that will make a huge difference in the overall look of your bathroom.

Install a New, Deeper Tub

If you love to soak in your bathtub often, opting for a deeper tub that incorporates arm and back support is a worthwhile investment. You can even choose a standalone tub if you really want to update the look of the bathroom. Of course, the job of replacing your bathtub isn’t going to be easy. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, you can attempt to tackle this on your own, but this is one of those projects that might be best left to a professional home remodeling company. You may spend up to $1500 for a new tub, meaning the total cost depends on whether you complete the job yourself or hire a contractor.

For Your Kitchen Update

Kitchen projects should be planned carefully, given that they are the room in the home where most of us spend a lot of time, and the room that will most affect the value of your home. Most of the kitchen project ideas provided below will help you improve your space even on a small budget.

Paint Those Old Cabinets

If you are looking to quickly update the look of your kitchen without replacing everything, then painting your cabinets is a quick and economical option. This fairly simple DIY project will allow you to quickly add color, or brighten up a dark kitchen. But before you do any painting, your first consideration should be the type of surface. An unfinished flat wood surface is easiest to paint, but solid wood with a finish will require some surface preparation, like sanding or stripping. Metal, wood laminate and plastic laminate, on the other hand, may require you to work with special techniques and paints to ensure your paint job sticks and lasts.

Add Some Glass Cabinets

If you would like to open up the kitchen space and make it feel larger, glass cabinets offer a creative way to do this. This clever remodeling trick also makes it easier for you to find your dishes — though you may have to adjust to keeping your now open cabinets neat all the time. Don’t feel the need to install glass on every cabinet door. Just choose a select few, and have a professional measure, cut and install the glass panels.

Add a Wine Rack

If you’re a wine lover, a rustic wine rack is a quick way to make your kitchen more useful to you, particularly if you have lots of empty space on your walls. You can start with wood, cut to the length of your available space, then stain it to match the rest of your kitchen. To start this project, you need a 2×4 woodcut, a 2×6 woodcut, hex bolts (for holding the wine bottles in place), and wood stain. Then you just need a little ingenuity and patience to put it all together.

Upgrade Your Main Appliances

Major appliances can be costly; so you must choose wisely. Your fridge and stove are going to be the best investments, particularly if you choose newer, more energy-efficient models. For a lower-cost investment, you can also choose a new dishwasher, microwave and other smaller appliances like a coffee maker, though they won’t have as big an impact on the look or function of your kitchen. But whatever you choose, for a classy, modern, higher-end look, consider stainless steel appliances.

Miscellaneous Home Projects

Install a Central Vacuum

This project is may sound frivolous in nature, but it is a handy element worth having in your home, especially in areas that collect lots of dirt or pet hair. Pay a contractor to install a central vacuum in your baseboards to make cleanup a breeze, no matter where you are in the house.

Free Up Garage Space with Shelves

Garages generally have higher ceilings, which can make for highly efficient storage if you take advantage of it. The garages in most homes end up collecting piles of equipment, toys rarely used, and other miscellaneous junk. However, you can build shelves in strategic locations of your garage to get these items up off the floor and out of the way. Consider shelves anchored to the wall, from floor to ceiling (and be sure to keep a step ladder nearby to reach items on the higher shelves), or install shelves that are anchored to the ceiling. Aside from shelves, some people want to upgrade their garage with a finer look by opting for state of the art improvements like an overhead door replacement.

Whether you are completely remodeling your home to boost its appeal and value as you prepare to put in
on the market, or you simply need a more functional and aesthetically appealing space, you’ll quickly realize how many projects there are to tackle. But home projects don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to accomplish.


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