Get Peace of Mind with Boiler Insurance

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There are few homeowner problems that are quite as unfortunate as having boiler issues in the winter. Boiler breakdowns can become miserable because of the cold weather. If you can’t fix this boiler on time, that means cold showers and no hot water. If you want to avoid boiler issues, one of the first steps you should take is to invest in a cover for your boiler. But there are other ways to protect your investment.

It’s not easy to find a certified boiler technician or engineer during chilling weather. But having boiler insurance is an easy and quick way to access an accredited engineer and make your life a bit more stress-free during winter. With a service contract or boiler insurance, it is possible to prevent boiler breakdowns.

Depending on the model and make of your boiler, you can choose a comprehensive plan. Find out more to evaluate available boiler plans in your area. Payments can be annually or monthly for a primary contract or policy. Remember, you will need a comprehensive plan for a central heating system and other appliances.

Understand the Importance of Boiler Insurance

Newer boilers are awesome, but they can still have issues. For this reason, you must not ignore an insurance policy for your new boiler. Insurance will give you a backup plan for any costly winter breakdowns.

Pay attention to signs of problems in boilers, such as if the color of the pilot flame is orange instead of blue, or if your gas bill is unusually high. Other common issues are increases or decreases in pressure or clunking and ticking noises. These signs can indicate that your boiler is operating at decreased efficiency. After noticing these signs, you can call your insurance provider to get a qualified engineer.

Elements of Boiler Insurance

A reliable insurance policy should cover these things:

Controls and Boiler

It is good to cover the cost of repair for a broken down boiler, but it’s even better if you can cover the repair costs for the programmer and thermostat. The best insurance plans will replace your boiler if it can’t be repaired.

Central Heating

Under central heating, you can cover the repair cost for your entire central heating system, including the hot water cylinder and radiators.

Annual Boiler Service

A good insurance plan will cover yearly service from a registered engineer (Gas Safe), who will check your central heating and boiler to ensure they remain in good condition.

Overall, you’ll want to look for a plan that covers:

 General maintenance: descaling heating pipes and removing sludge
 Dual-purpose boilers or no gas appliances
 Faulty taps or showers
 Boilers of a particular age, such as over ten years old

With the best insurance plan, you can get the advantage of annual safety checks for your boilers. The engineers will give you safety certificates, and it’s a good idea to select the insurance plan that covers emergencies, such as broken toilets, blocked drains, and burst pipes.

Premiums are cheaper, and the maximum coverage can be lower than the cost of repair. The type of insurance policy you ultimately end up with will vary based on your insurance provider, the make and model of your central heating system, and the age of your boiler.

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