Advantages of Building Quality Modular Homes

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Image by Giovanni Gargiulo from Pixabay

When the time comes to build a home, or buy one for investment purposes, there are a ton of options to consider. You can choose to purchase an existing home to renovate or update, a new home, or a piece of land to build whatever you choose. If you do the latter, one option for building is to invest in a modular home, which has a number of advantages over a traditional build.

Strong Structure

More often than not, rental properties are considered as self-liquidating assets, wherein the rental income covers the monthly amortization, especially if the property is under a loan. However, the profit may not be immediately apparent because of other overhead costs such as property management services, as well as standard real estate taxes due. In order to maximize the revenue and profit of your rental property, it is imperative that your building structure is robust and made to last for the long haul. This is where modular homes come in.

Modular homes are built with a reinforced structure that can significantly lessen your overhead costs for maintenance, renovations, and damage repair. This is a goo thing whether the home is intended as an investment property or a primary residence. Westbuilt Homes is a reputable manufacturer of modular homes that are constructed from treated timber, galvanized steel, weatherboard and plasterboard. These materials make the structure of the homes more durable to withstand extreme environmental conditions, making your investment for this type of property more worth it.

Shorter Construction Time

Modular homes are not built on site. Rather, they are manufactured in factories and transported to the site for assembly. A reasonably sized modular house can be built in the factory in as fast as a couple of months because of the technological innovations affecting machine and equipment capabilities. The length of assembly on your property depends on the size of the home, but it is significantly shorter than the duration of a traditional build.


The sound quality of modular homes is generally better compared to traditionally built homes. More often than not, the sound propagates through the construction of walls and ceilings in a traditionally built home. This is simply not the case for modular homes, wherein each module is prefabricated in a factory. The modules that make up the house tend to inhibit sound waves from being transferred from one room to another. This proves to be an advantage, especially if you are keen on the acoustic design of the home for specific purposes.


One most significant advantages of building and investing in quality modular homes is the cost-effectiveness of setting up the entire structure. More often than not, modular homes are significantly less expensive than traditional homes. While there are higher-end options that may prove to be more pricey, modular homes that are built with standard materials and design oftentimes are priced cheaper.

Whether you’re making an investment in a home for your personal use or investing in the real estate market, high-quality modular homes are a great way to maximize quality and structural integrity while simultaneously minimizing cost.

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