Why Custom Homes Have More Potential in the Real Estate Market

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Yesterday, we talked about why pre-fabricated homes are a good investment. But if you’re in the market for a new home, another great option to consider is a custom-made home. When comparing new builds, custom homes are proven to have more value and potential in the real estate market than spec houses.

To clarify, spec homes are built by contractors who choose their designs based on speculation of the homeowner’s needs, where custom-built homes are literally customized based on the homeowner’s needs and the way they will use the home.

So unless you’re one of the few people who’s able to walk in off the street and find a spec home with the exact materials, colors, finishes, number of rooms, bathrooms, etc. that are perfect for you, custom-made homes can be a homebuyer’s dream come true. Although custom homes are a big investment, they are worth it for many reasons, including:

Control Over Energy-efficiency

As a general rule, new home builds will be more energy efficient than older homes, even if they’ve been renovated. When it comes to building custom homes, you can have even greater control over the energy-saving features that are included.  Insulation will always be a priority when attempting to minimize the cost of electricity. In a custom-built home, you can specify the type of insulation, how much of it is used and where, so you can work upfront to reduce the number of hot or cold spots in your home.

You can also make energy-efficient choices about major appliances, like your HVAC system, or opting for a tankless water heater rather than a traditional one. You can choose radiant heated flooring for better energy transfer, and make sure that windows and doors are chosen with efficiency in mind. You can plan for alternative energy sources like solar panels, even as you choose how your home will be positioned on your lot to maximize the number of hours of sunlight you get each day.

Essentially, you can build a “green home” from the ground up when you choose a custom build, in a way that you just can’t with a spec home or an older home.

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Financial Advantages

Though it is dependent on the real estate market and where your new home is built, newer builds, in general, tend to maintain their value better than older homes, particularly if you choose to spend your money in places that count (think kitchen, bathrooms, and energy efficiency).

Superior Materials & Finishes

Unlike homes built by contractors for resale and profit, owners of custom-made homes crafted by professional builders have the opportunity to choose the best and most durable materials and finishes available. If chosen well, they will last longer, leading to reduced maintenance and potential replacement costs. These kinds of choices can be made throughout every stage of your build, from your choice of materials on the exterior of the home, to plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, cabinets, countertops and wall paint. Upgraded materials and finishes also tend to stand out in the market when compared to builder-grade homes.

Made for Maximum Function

In a custom-made home, the homeowner and their builder can make choices that specifically serve the lifestyle and needs of the people who will live there. This can mean everything from choosing an open-concept main floor for a family with small kids they need to be able to see, from having a master bedroom on the main level for separation when a family has older kids. There is an opportunity to discuss and go over every single detail that will affect the home’s functionality and design. Therefore, most custom-made
homes can be divided into usable spaces more efficiently than other home options.

Buying or building your own home is likely the biggest single investment you’ll make in your life. Thus, considering all your needs is a must, keeping in mind the real estate market where your home will be, is absolutely essential. If you’re worried about buying in a competitive market, a custom-made home can be designed with longevity in mind so it will maintain its market value.

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