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Give Your Room a Little Height: Black Floor Vase with Mitsumata Branches

Black Floor Vase with Mitsumata BranchesWe’re short on space where we currently live, but in previous houses and apartments where there was more breathing room, we almost always wound up having one awkwardly unused corner in at least one room. You know…the place where the entertainment center doesn’t quite fill up the wall or where the side table didn’t quite fit. These awkward and often tight spots are the perfect place for a tall, narrow vase like this one from

They help add interest to the room by adding height, and this particular one pairs light Mitsumata branches with a dark base for beautiful contrast. The vase is made of recycled wood fibers, and with the branches, the entire arrangement is 5.5 feet tall.

In case you’re curious about Mitsumata branches, they come from the Japanese Mitsumata tree (Edgeworthia papyrifera), which has been used for centuries in Japan to make the fine paper. I wasn’t able to find any information about whether the tree is sustainable or whether these specific branches were sustainably harvested. So you’d have to make a judgment call on that. But the cool thing about the branches is that they can be displayed as-is, or you can soak them in water, which makes them pliable. You can then curve and shape them into any design you want.

Why It’s Green:

  • Vase is made of recycled pressed wood

Price: $84.99icon (aff)

UPDATE as of 5/24/09: This is no longer available from Overstock. I’ll be looking for similar vases with branches and I’ll post them as soon as I find them! For now, check out the rest of the great finds in the accessories category.

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