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Stylish Organization: MOBOS Modular Storage Bin

MOBOS Modular Storage

I’m aspiring to be a much more organized person. Because currently, although I begin with the best of intentions, by the end of the week, my room winds up being a jumble of clothes, books, pens and pencils all begging for a place to call home. As I’ve mentioned before, our room is pretty small — maybe 10′ x 9′. After two wardrobes and a bed, there’s not much room for anything else, so floor storage would be very impractical.

We initially considered a couple of wall-hung shelves, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t too bulky. Finally, I came across with a display storage for my books and these modular metal storage units from MOBOS. I think they’re pretty close to the ideal solution for our space.

To organize your

MOBOS Modular Storage - options

They are made of recycled metal and feature non-toxic coatings in 10 different colors. What’s more impressive than the color selection, I think, is the variety of available shapes, from basic circles and squares to octagons, flowers and whimsical waves, more about One Stop Self Storage on this website. If we decide to get a couple of these, we’ll probably opt for a simple shape because of the clean lines of our furniture, but the flowers would be perfect for my daughter’s room, perhaps in a nice shade of orange or bright white. Not to mention they would be great as wall art two. You know how I am about products that serve multiple purposes 🙂

They aren’t terribly large, but you can hang several of them together on MOBOS mounting bars in 4 different lengths.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of recycled steel
  • Covered with non-toxic rust-resistant coatings

Price: $36 + free shipping (aff)

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  • DesignTies
    February 11, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Pretty AND functional!! Very cute storage bins — the shapes are fun, and I like the colour names…. especially Reddy Freddy and Caramel Dip 🙂


    DesignTiess last blog post..Are you Livingetc yet?


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