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New to You: Great Used Finds in the Toronto Area

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This week, New to You is featuring great finds in the greater Toronto area. I know that I have quite a few Canadian readers, so I want to make sure I’m not excluding them. I found a lot of great vintage pieces and a lot of furniture that would be perfect for a low-cost rehab project. Here are today’s used deals:

1. Modern ceiling lamp

nty-toronto1Lighting is one of those details that many people neglect when they are decorating. The choice is often left until the last minute or not considered at all. But I believe that great lighting — in form and function — is as essential to a well-decorated room as furniture. This fabulous ceiling lamp delivers lots of style at a great price. My minds eye sees it hanging over a tulip table in a small dining room or used to spotlight a reading corner. The seller says it was only used for 2 months and retails for $79.99. At just $35, you can afford to buy it first and figure out where to use it later.

2. Sofa bed

nty-toronto2Many of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated guest room in our homes. When my husband and I were apartment dwellers, we had a collection of 3 or 4 airbeds that we used whenever we had company. Finding a place to put a queen airbed was always a challenge, and it almost invariably wound up between the sofa and the TV. At least if we’d had a sofa bed, we would have been able to fold it away easily every morning. Deflating and inflating a large airbed is no fun. If we had found an affordable sofa bed like this one, we would have snapped it up in a heartbeat.

3. Authentic Knoll Bertoia Chair

nty-toronto3I have always loved the look of wire frame Bertoia chairs. They are truly fabulous to look at and they can be used indoors or out. But until I become rich and famous, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford a $1300+ chair. So if I find a used Bertoia chair for a fraction of that, I’m more than a little excited. But with all vintage furniture, you have to do your homework and verify that it is indeed authentic. Even if it’s not the real deal, it’s still a great chair, but it wouldn’t be worth so much.

  • Price: Asking $225
  • Location: Downtown (Queen/Broadview)

4. Teak corner cabinet

nty-toronto5I admit it — this corner unit looks like it’s seen better days. The style is outdated and the look is less than fabulous. But I see it’s potential. If you have a room that lacks wall space, corner furniture will help you maximize that space, and it comes with tons of storage inside. It could be used as a TV or even as funky extra seating with the addition of a cushion. If you have some floor space to work with, I’d also recommend pulling your large furniture off the wall. You wouldn’t believe how floating a sofa in the center of a room instead of along a wall can change the look of a space. That aside, I’d love to see this cabinet painted a rich shade of chocolate brown and outfitted with new, modern chrome hardware. Adding narrow, inexpensive molding around the edges of the doors would also do wonders for updating its appearance. The seller says that one of the doors is a little off balance and must be lifted when closing, but that seems like a minor imperfection.

5. Screens/Room Dividers

nty-toronto4If you have an awkwardly shaped room, or if you’d like to separate your space into specific areas (conversation area, reading nook, dressing corner, etc.), room dividers will get the job done. They can also be used to block the glare from a window across from your TV or hide a less than attractive feature of your room (like a radiator or an ugly, outdated fireplace). These 2 are on the plain side, but that’s nothing a little fabric, extra scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge can’t fix. Need some inspiration for dressing up these screens? Check out this before & after from uber designer Eddie Ross and this collection of room dividers from Design Sponge, also make sure to check orlando modular rental to find the best outdoor screens.

That’s it for my fabulous finds in Toronto. What city would you like to see featured next week? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out the Green Your Decor Tumblr page for some link love, including green giveaways, DIY projects and more.

NOTE: Green Your Decor makes no claims about the condition of the furniture posted above, nor can we verify whether each individual piece is still available for sale. The nature of used pieces is that they are one-of-a-kind, so if you are interested, you will have to contact the seller directly via Craigslist.

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