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Color Reigns: Barcelona Bench, Chair & Cubes from Viva Terra

barcelona1As much as I love bright, vibrant colors, my room designs generally tend to revolve around 3 or 4 colors, alternating shades of those colors throughout the space. I love the look of rooms that blend colors without abandon. The home of Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl comes to mind when I think of this type of fearless, eclectic design.  And the new Barcelona series from Viva Terra is just the incentive I need to create a room design free of color constraints.

barcelona2The collection includes a storage bench, storage cubes and a chair, and I am in love with all three pieces. They are woven from wicker, and the two upholstered pieces are stuffed with eco-friendly kapok fiber. But what’s most stunning about them is their use of color. From reds and blues to yellows, pinks and greens, they are a virtual kaleidoscope, in the best possible way. Wicker would traditionally be used in a sunroom or outdoor space, but I can also picture them in a small entryway or used in an eclectic family room or office. The fact that two of the three pieces also come with storage (the bench and the cubes) makes them great for a family with lots of stuff to hide (ie. mine).

Although the prices definitely aren’t bargain basement, they are reasonable for substantial pieces of furniture like these. For my next Green Room in a Box, I’m going to challenge myself to use color almost without restraint. I say “almost” because I’ll have to use a little restraint. Otherwise, the room will look like something the 70s threw up 🙂

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of wicker and natural kapok fibers
  • Viva Terra is a company built on sustainability

Price: Bench, $398; Armchair, $329; Storage Cubes, $198 for a set of 2 (aff)

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