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Save Some Green: Ditch the Chandelier for a One-Light Fixture

savesomegreenLately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about simple ways to help my readers save money, and I started by thinking about the things we’ve implemented to save energy and other resources. One of the things we do is very simple. There are 2 light fixtures in the kitchen: a single-bulb fixture and a five-arm chandelier over the dining table.

We rarely, if ever, use the chandelier, because it takes a lot more electricity to power five chandelier bulbs than it takes to power one compact fluorescent lightbulb. So that got me thinking.  Why not just replace the chandelier with a more modern, updated fixture that requires only one bulb, preferably a CFL?

Here are some eco-friendly, single bulb options that electrician Bentleigh suggest that will look great in any room:

1. White Wash Bamboo Pendant Lamp

lamp1The White Wash Bamboo Pendant Lamp is nothing if not simple. It is reminiscent of a bird cage, but without all the frills and extra features that can make them over the top. It is a subtle, modern fixture that can accomodate a CFL and would work in almost any dining room setting, even if your taste is traditional. It also can be plugged into a wall outlet, so it’s great for renters who can’t do electrical work or for homeowners who don’t want to tackle installation.

  • Why It’s Green: Made of bamboo and CFL-compatible.
  • Price: $129

2. Birdcage lamp

lamp2Speaking of bird cages, if you like that look and don’t have the know-how to turn a thrift store find into your new favorite fixture, the electrician take care of your fix. The details on this fixture are meant to emulate a pagoda. If you like Asian design but don’t want it in your face, this is a subtle way to incorporate Asian styling without overdoing it. This is also a plugin fixture for those of us who are not electrically inclined.

  • Why It’s Green: CFL-compatible. I am unsure what wood the birdcage is made of, but if it is like most of Viva Terra’s other products, it is sustainably made.
  • Price: $139 (aff)

3. Liba Recycled Light Bulb Designer Pendant

lamp3You’re probably looking at the photo above trying to figure out if your eyes are deceiving you. They aren’t. This chandelier is made of recycled light bulbs. The completed pendant looks like a glass sea urchin, but in a really good way. It is available in either clear, frosted, silver capped or colored bulbs. I personally like the look of the frosted bulbs. And in case you’re wondering, it only takes one CFL to light this baby up.

  • Why It’s Green: Made of recycled light bulbs and CFL-compatible.
  • Price: $199

If you normally use the chandelier in your dining room, this simple shift will save you some money every month. Yes, you’re out the cost of a new fixture, but if you can find a used pendant or an Energy Star model on sale, that cost can be minimal. And if you’re updating anyway (which the brass-finish chandelier in the kitchen desperately needs), think of the energy savings as an added bonus. This strategy also works in other rooms. For example, the ceiling fan in the living room has an attached three-bulb fixture — which we also rarely use. You may also want to check out your electrical wiring on your lighting fixtures, especially if your house is already old. This can increase your electrical bill if not fixed immediately. Visit to see if they service your area and let them do an inspection.

Do you have any other tips for making your home beautiful and energy-efficient at the same time? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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