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Emphasize This: Roscoe Jackson Asterisk Stool

roscoe-asteriskI have a habit of putting my feet up. The problem is that I often have no place to put them. They wind up tucked underneath me in my chair (and eventually fall asleep) or on top of the nearest box, table or chair.  I figure it’s about time I find a great-looking ottoman. There’s also the added bonus that it could serve as additional seating, though we don’t entertain much, so I can’t see getting much use out of it that way. I’m a big fan of unique pieces that are definite attention-getters, and Roscoe Jackson’s Asterisk Stool definitely qualifies.

The meaning behind it’s name is obvious once you get a look at the deep asterisk shape. Besides the fact that it would offer a graphic pop in any room, it just looks like an incredibly comfortable place to put your feet up. But what really impresses me is the construction of the stool. It is made in the U.S. of 100% recycled #2 plastic, eco-friendly insulation, and recycled fabric. It is available in two sizes (tall & short) and two different recycled fabrics. Were it not for the price, I would seriously consider using several of these in a kids’ playroom.  But even if I never buy one, it has inspired me to research making furniture out of recycled cardboard. I see a homemade cardboard asterisk footstool in my future.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made in the U.S.
  • Made of 100% recycled #2 plastic, eco-friendly insulation, and recycled fabric

Price: $350

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