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Easy Spring Makeover: Add Inexpensive, Colorful Vases & Flowers

springtime-vasesSpring is a rough season for me. In addition to the annual spring cleaning (which is actually the easy part), I get the unshakable desire to change everything around me. I want to strip the beds and replace the linens with something fresh and lively and slap a new coat of paint on the walls. But because our budget and our living situation don’t warrant any major changes, I have had to be creative about finding ways to refresh our space without spending much money. A simple solution: Find an inexpensive vase, or make one from an empty glass bottle, and add flowers.

For spring, you’ll want to add some lively color or organic themes. You’d be surprised what big a difference it can make just to add splashes of color to a room. My husband and daughter planted some daisies and sunflowers that they got from our local florist a little more than a week ago, and I am eagerly anticipating the moment when I can bring fresh cut flowers into the house. Here are some picks for some affordable, spring-ready, eco-friendly vases:

1. Samba Bottle Vases from Crate & Barrel: Made from recyced glass bottles, jars and other broken glass and available in four lively colors. Price: $5.95/ea.

2. Espana Round Vase from Amazon: Handmade of 100% post-consumer recycled glass and available in four colors, including chocolate brown and aqua. Price: $19.99/ea. (aff)

3. Recycled Curved Vase from Uncommon Goods: Handmade of recycled newspaper and lined with a recycled plastic water bottle. Price: $28icon (aff)

4. Milky Red Decorative Bottle Vase: Made of recycled glass. Price: $17.99 (aff)

5. Roughhewn Sandalwood Vases by Mbanda: Handmade of wood from decades old stumps so no healthy, living trees are harmed. Price: $12.95-19.95

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  • Sherry C
    April 28, 2009 at 7:57 am

    These are beautiful. I love colored glass vases. I’ve never seen recycled or wooden ones though. Interesting. I love all the fun stuff you find.


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