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Better the Second Time Around: Upcycle Ottoman by Gus


When the average person initially considers the idea of eco-friendly home decorating, they are probably overcome with images of scratchy hemp curtains and a home full of Earth tones with no bursts of color. And then I come along, the defender of green decor, armed with beautiful examples of sustainable design that will prove them wrong. But not this time. This ottoman manages to live up to every cliche about eco-friendly living, but still be a thing of beauty.

The Upcycle Ottoman by Gus is made of surplus jute bags which had been previously used to transport organic coffee beans. These bags, which are incredibly durable (as all jute is), normally would be thrown away after serving their purpose. But there is beauty to be found in even the most utilitarian objects. Identifying and paying homage to the original goods, the upholstery comes complete with screen-printed stencils and logos. This means each ottoman is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

I am curious to know what the stuffing is made of. For now though, I am content to appreciate the beauty in the act of repurposing a landfill-bound object into something more meaningful and long-lasting.

Why It’s Green:

  • Ottoman covers made of recycled jute coffee bags

Price: $425

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