These Critters can Carry a Load: Pouch Pals from Romp

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If you have any children, by now, you are likely accustomed to the “stuff” that they leave laying everywhere. I’m talking everything from single socks to toys, books and, if they’re anything like my daughter, the dollar bills and quarters she loves to ask Daddy for. And even though we pared down her toy collection quite a bit during our last 2 moves, we still have a hard time keeping everything in its place. This may also be true even if you don’t have kids, but this solution is tailor made for the under-12 crowd.

These pouch pals from romp (found via Inhabitots) is the cutest clutter solution I’ve seen in a long time. Available as a pelican, kangaroo or koala bear, they are made of 100% industrial wool felt. They are also large enough to accommodate laundry if you needed them for that purpose. I think my daughter would just get a kick out of hiding things in the pouches, which might make her more inclined to put her things away. Wishful thinking, I know.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 100% wool felt

Price: $88/ea.

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