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Love at First Snuggle: Couch Blanket from


From the moment she was born, my daughter has loved being wrapped up in a cuddly blanket. Sure, that’s normal for newborns who are still getting used to life outside the warmth of the womb. But my daughter never really outgrew this particular attachment. Luckily for us, she’s not attached to any one particular blanket — just to blankets in general. This means she carries them around the house and always wants to be wrapped, or covered up or otherwise near the comfort of her snuggie-of-the -moment. Truth be told, I’m pretty attached to blankets myself, though I prefer to leave them on my bed. So Ann Heaney of is welcome in our home anytime, and so are her blankets.


Ann sent me one of her blankees to try, shown above, and I’m not lying when I say it was love at first sight. Made of organic cotton velour and trimmed and embroidered with hemp silk, the couch-sized blanket is easily the softest one we’ve ever owned. Back in the days before we knew enough to care what the products we bought were made of, we owned a soft silky blanket made of some kind of acrylic velour that we thought had descended straight from heaven. In hindsight, that thing may as well have been made of itchy wool in comparison to Ann’s blankee. If you’ve never gotten your hands on organic cotton velour, trust me when I say you want to. There’s nothing else like it.


Aside from the obviously luxurious materials, the craftsmanship of this blanket is superb. The trim was obviously added with extreme care, and the embroidered monogram of my daughter’s initials is done just as well. In fact, it is so well made that I hesitate to give it to her, because I know it’ll wind up on the floor, in the bathroom and everywhere else my daughter goes. Something this special should be treated as such. So after I wrapped up in the blankee to enjoy it’s luxurious comfort for a while, I folded it up and put it back in the box it came in to be put aside as a surprise for my daughter’s birthday in August. Sure, it will be in the middle of the sweltering Georgia summer when she receives it. Trust me. That will make no difference. This is a blanket I know she’ll use all year long.

The Organic Blankees are available in natural organic cotton velour or fleece with your choice of trim styles in a variety of colors, as well as three sizes, from baby up to couch size. I have several friends who are expecting, and these will be very high on the list of shower gifts.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of organic cotton fleece or velour
  • Trim made of hemp silk

Price: Starts at $48-138 depending on size and options


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