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Living the High Life: Marin Luxury Bath Collection from D.I.G.S.


I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful, spa-inspired bathroom where I can relax after a long day of chasing mini me, working and keeping house. Alas, the reality is a drab, boring room that is more function than form. And after you spend 2 hours scrubbing every surface like I did this past weekend, it can be hard to see the room as beautiful. Rhea Alexander from sustainable retailer D.I.G.S. sent me something to help change my perception and add a little sophistication to what is admittedly my least favorite room in the house.

Their Marin Bath Collection is eco-luxury at it’s best. These are no ordinary bathroom accessories. They are handmade of FSC-certified wood from Peru in collaboration with local artisans and the WWF. This collection comes with clean lines and beautiful wood tones that will make them nearly impossible to ignore. Twelve difference accessories are available in 3 wood colors, from light to dark. The bathroom is one of the places in a home where it’s easy to overlook accumulated clutter. Countertops often wind up covered with the remnants of daily living: toothpaste,  hair products, personal care items and more. And since the bathroom is boring anyway, there’s no real incentive to put any of that stuff away. Trust me — the Marin Collection is that incentive.


I received a square container that currently contains cotton swabs, and that simple addition is, in part, what made me go on a mad cleaning spree of the bathroom this past weekend. I put away everything that was cluttering the countertops (and which are now cluttering the cabinet below), and I love the contrast of the dark wood tones against the ivory counter.

Be warned: The collection is pricey and definitely falls into the “luxury” category. In other words, these aren’t bath accessories you buy on a whim. They’re more of an investment. However, based on the quality and craftsmanship of the piece I received, it’s unlikely you’d ever have to replace them. Who said you had to give up luxury to go green, right? If I could get my hands on the rest of the collection, I’d be one happy lady!

Why It’s Green:

  • Handmade of FSC-certified wood
  • Quality craftsmanship means it has long-term value

Price: $60-172.50


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