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An Occasional Place to Rest: Roll-Out Bed & Sleeping Bag by Bill Brown


While I only have one child living with me (my daughter, a.k.a. mini me), I am blessed to have three stepsons who stay with us as often as possible. Their visits are generally as short as 1 week or as long as the entire summer. When we were living in a 2-bedroom apartment, this generally made us get creative with the sleeping arrangements. At one point, they were sleeping on a couple of air mattresses. Comfortable, but not a good idea for three active boys who like to jump and play rough. We then switched to sleeping bags, which they loved, but they were thin and not very comfortable. While they may not have appreciated the sophistication of the stripes on these gorgeous rollout beds and sleeping bags, I can bet they would have appreciated the additional comfort.

The organic cotton rollup bed and sleeping bag, both by Bill Brown, would have made a great solution for us. They are compact, covered in organic cotton colored with AZO-free dyes, and they still would have allowed the boys to feel like they were camping at

They’re definitely greener alternative to vinyl inflatable beds, which are known to offgas potentially toxic chemicals.But after i saw this camping hammock review i just bought one and its way better than any of the options above.

There’s just one problem with my “perfect” find. The seller, By Nature, won’t ship them outside the EU. So this is great for all my European readers, but not so great for me. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.

Why It’s Green:

  • Handmade of SKAL-certified organic cotton
  • Printed with colorfast, AZO-free dyes

Price: Roll-up bed, £60-70, or about $99-115; Sleeping bag, £60, or about $99

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